Carpooling Clone – Popular in World Wide

university carpooling clone

The number of vehicles on the road is increasing by the day. It is safe to say that most countries have at least two vehicles per household. With the increase in vehicles, comes the increase in pollution and shortage of roads.  To address this issue each country in the world is trying to look at … Read more

The New Way on Hitchhiking Clone

Hitchhiking Clone

There are many people who hitchhike for adventure, meeting new people, trying various foods, seeing new places etc. Many countries across the world are hitchhiking hotspots like Australia, New Zealand, and America. Although you hear of hitchhiking mishaps, they are very few and far in between. However, hitch hiking does carry risks but so do … Read more

Car Rental or Taxi Sharing Script – It’s all Go GO Go

buy car renting script

Nowadays there is a lot of pressure on every nation to try and reduce pollution in any way they can. Governments of all countries are educating people on what they can do on a local front to reduce carbon emissions and decrease air pollution. Some of the schemes that are already in place are increasing … Read more