Get your all needs delivered to your doorstep with Pathao app clone

pathao app clone

The economy of on-demand business is the most money-making and developing concepts while outdoing all kind of customary business models. With the emergence of on-demand applications, businessmen can drive customers to make the best use of technology and gain greater comfort to perform their crucial but regular tasks. Those days have passed when there were … Read more

Use Taxi dispatch software to make your business hit

taxi app solution

In vehicle outing here are different goods or people who need to be transported without wasting their time. There are different routes assigned to the vehicles and the dispatcher communicate with these in due time. Time-effectiveness, costs and also the quality are some of the important perspectives that dispatch software for a taxi should have. … Read more

Inspired by the true beauty: Slikr app clone

Slikr app clone

People today are very much aware of their hairstyle, outer look and overall appearance. Visiting hair parlours, salons are one of the main activity for almost everyone in this image-conscious world. If look really did not matter then the parlours would not have been so much crowded. This thought undoubtedly stands true therefore parlour or … Read more