How To Make On-Demand Marijuana Delivery App Like Leafly For Thailand Location?

Marijuana Delivery App

After marijuana was legalised in Thailand, it was never more enticing or important to start an online marijuana business. Post Pandemic the demand for Medical Marijuana grew and considering various medicinal benefits of the same, Thailand government has legalized the Medical Marijuana for its citizens. There is always the growing acceptability of medical and recreational … Read more

What Goes into Building a Haircut On-Demand App Like Uber

hair salon booking app

Finding the greatest barbershop or schedule an appointment with the best hairdresser will be a major issue when it comes to Uber for haircuts. There are various uber-like applications to have any trending hairstyles to eliminate such bothersome elements. It’s a fantastic alternative for finding skilled and experienced barbers. If you’re a start-up or an … Read more

What Makes On Demand Grocery Delivery App is a Demanding Business Today?

Many businesses have benefited from on demand services. It’s time for grocery stores after cab services, eCommerce, and food delivery services. People were initially dubious of the on-demand model’s integration with grocery stores. However, just a handful On-Demand Grocery Apps have had a significant impact. With this in mind, it has automated grocery stores and … Read more

Grab Clone On-Demand Multi-services App – The Right Choice For The Start-ups

Grab Clone Multi Services App

Those days are long gone when customers or consumers had to wait in a long line for numerous reasons. Various on-demand services such as taxi hailing, grocery delivery, electronic payments, vehicle washing, pet walking, tow trucks, plumbers, house cleaning, and collecting food from restaurants or takeout are all available online in the age of the … Read more

Essential Features you must Integrate into your Uber App Clone in 2022


Uber clone app is the most dynamic app that has captured a million people’s attention already! From easy taxi booking to tracking, and paying securely, this application has turned around the table for many existing online taxi apps. If you are planning to launch your own app this year, I’d recommend you take a thorough … Read more