Uber clone app is the most dynamic app that has captured a million people’s attention already! From easy taxi booking to tracking, and paying securely, this application has turned around the table for many existing online taxi apps. If you are planning to launch your own app this year, I’d recommend you take a thorough reading of this blog. In just a few seconds, you’d be reading about the most advanced, promising, and lucrative features.

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The taxi booking application has the option to integrate multiple features. Here’s a list of all the essential ones.  

Smart login feature

The smart login feature is available for both iOS and Android users. The user can activate them from the app settings. iPhone users can use Face ID to login whereas the Android users can use Fingerprint scanning! 

This login feature has already saved people from the trouble of remembering usernames and passwords. 

Video calling option 

Apart from in-app voice calling and messaging features, the users can also take advantage of the video calling option. The developers of the Uber clone app thought of going the extra mile to make ‘communication’ smoother for both users and the riders. 

Multiple credit card management 

This feature is essential for users who have more than one credit card to make payments with! The app allows the users to add the card details to the app and select one of them as ‘default’. It is also easy to delete the card information whenever the user wants to. 

In short, every time your customers wish to make a payment, they don’t have to use cash or add card details at the last minute. 

Eat, Stop, or shop between rides 

The taxi booking app allows users to add multiple stopover points during a ride. Suppose a user has added two stopover points, the driver will pause the ride for the duration the user comes back and starts the ride. 

The service is very convenient. However, the user has to pay waiting charges to the driver for the ‘paused ride duration’. For example, if the user took 10 minutes to return, they may have to give $10 extra over and above their fare! 

In-app push notifications 

The push notification feature is very useful as it eliminates the need to open the app over and over again. The user gets access to all the order updates without logging into the app again and again. Moreover, it is an economical way to tell everyone about your new offers, and discounts, and even update the users about the location. 

Moreover, in-app push notifications are free as compared to SMS.  

Wallet to wallet transfer 

Another amazing feature that is integrated into the app is wallet-to-wallet transfer! With this feature, the users don’t have to worry about carrying cash every time they wish to book a taxi. While booking the taxi, the user only has to ensure that they choose a wallet to wallet transfer option. 

Once the driver ends the trip and clicks on the ‘collect payment’ option, the money would be automatically deducted from the user’s linked wallet! 

Do you also wish to add all these features to your Uber clone app


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