Uber Clone App

The traditional way of traveling by Public Transportation and Private Taxis is still facing a problem post-pandemic. Uber clone is a much-preferred solution by many budding Entrepreneurs because it is promising and offers diligent services to customers. For aspiring Taxi Business Owners, this is the right time to invest in the  Customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App. So, if you are looking for concrete reasons to hire a company that provides The Best Taxi App, then, here is why you should start looking for one right now:

  1. Clone Apps can be fully customized
  2. They are quick to launch
  3. Scalable and efficient
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Hassle-free

To create and operate the most intelligent Uber Clone App, you need to add a bucket-full of features like Paying the Taxi Driver via the In-App Wallet or Free Preferred Local Language Integration.

Taxi Booking App

The Buzzing Premium Features of a Taxi Application

From Application Owners Standpoint

  1. Real-Time GPS Tracking System

This is a fascinating feature! App Owners can view every Taxi under their name on the world map. They can see the busy or empty status of online Taxis using the Real-Time GPS Tracking System.

  1. You can get Fully White-Labeled App in no time

Licensed White-Labeled Companies will rebrand their base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. This step is the most critical one in the entire development process so that you don’t have to go off your budget or face unnecessary legalities. The company will also change the color theme of the App and the Website to match with the color of your Company’s Logo.

  1. You can deliver Real-Time Support To Customers Via the In-Built Chat Feature

As much as this feature is important for the customers, it is equally vital for the Owner of an Uber-like Taxi App. The feature empowers you to give 24/7 support to your customers in case they get stuck. Just by tapping on the chat button on the App, the customers can get in touch for immediate assistance, and likewise, you will be able to solve their queries.

From Customer’s Standpoint

  1. Allows Your Friends/Family To Track Your Ride

While you are taking a Ride from location X to Y, your friends and family members can track your current location. It makes them feel like you are safe while Ride-Hailing or Ride-Sharing. For instance, Amy and her friend are going to spend Christmas Eve together. For that, Amy’s friend is planning to travel by Taxi booked through the App from Northfield to her home in Winnetka, Chicago with a cute little Christmas Tree. However, you can be worry-free while she’s in the Taxi because with the live tracking feature of the App, you can easily track her Ride.

  1. Preference setting for a Child Seat

From the perspective of a Customer, especially the New Parents, this feature is incredibly useful. The Riders can choose to Reserve A Child Seat in the Taxi. In the Uber Clone App, simply click on ‘Child Seat Preference’ if you are traveling with a newborn.

  1. Feature to Ride Now Or Schedule For Later

If you have a flight to catch at 2 AM, don’t worry about how you would travel to the Airport. The On-Demand Taxi Booking Software will allow you to choose from Ride Now or Schedule Later options. The Taxi Driver within your Location’s Range will be notified about the Scheduling at the appropriate time.

There is a long list of Premium Features lined up for you. There are several Covid-19 Safety Features available in Uber Clone App. You as an entrepreneur can either add all of the Premium Features to the App or just choose a handful of them to start off with. Covid-19 Safety Measures include Restricting Passenger Limit, Verification Of Face Mask, Statutory Safety Checklist, Ride Cancellation, And Safety Review or Rating.


From App Owners to Customers and Taxi Drivers, every stakeholder is offered ample features and facilities that make them fall in love with this App.Do you want to create a buzz in the market with your unique Ride-Sharing And Ride-Hailing Service? There is no better Uber Clone App Development partner than V3Cube.

The waiting time to fulfill your dreams just got shorter! V3Cube delivers the entire Clone App within just 7-10 business days. Check out our Taxi Booking App’s Live Demo to begin your journey to a successful business.