When the digital wave hit us, it hit us pretty hard. There was a certain skepticism regarding it initially. people were wondering if its fate was going to be similar to that of the dot com bubble. However, this was stronger and it was here to stay. As the usage of smart phones has increased at a global level, so has the dependence of a common person. We rush to our smart phones for just about everything. Whether we want to order some food or we want to see the doctor. Everything is manageable just with the help of a few clicks on your smart phone.

When everything is “Appyfied”, why should sex linger far behind. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, but I wasn’t quite sure how on demand sex apps could work. I’ve come to realize that some of the most creative brains of the tech world have brought forth a unique and interesting concept to make accessing pleasure a walk in the park.

Professional escorts companion apps

These apps are similar to your normal taxi apps. Just like booking an Uber, say. You log on to the  app, choose whether you want straight, gay, lady boy, she male etc. After this, add extras to the service, just like ordering a salad, extra anal please. Also, throw in a little blowjob as well.

Choose the person you like from the gallery of profiles for each candidate (this includes ratings and stuff). After choosing, just let them know the time and place and viola, you’ve just booked yourself some good time!

Is it really viable an option?

In fact it seems to be such an easy viable option. The app to find a professional escorts makes things so much easier. It’s a safe option and the clarity of choice and transparency in what all and what not either parties are willing to do makes little or no room for unwanted surprises.

What’s more, the app allows the two parties to back out whenever they choose to. This means that the on demand sex worker offering her service can also choose to decline the request of her client. This not only gives more power to the sex worker, but ensures that no party is left doing something that they did not agree for in the first place.

Viability stems from monetary transactions. The industry of buying and selling sexual pleasure has mostly been thriving on cash. People prefer anonymity and are willing to just settle with cash. But the problem with cash is, that it becomes very easy to manipulate, lie and take advantage of no clear written amount. So, it is possible that the client can cheat and pay less than agreed. Or, the hooker chooses to up his or her rate without notice and gets the better of the client. I mean, really, who’s gonna resist when in a naked state?

This is why turning it into an app ensures that the monetary value has been per-assigned. no one cheats no one. The service was agreed upon, the prices were mentioned clearly and additional charges for the additional services asked for were also levied right in the beginning. This leaves no chance for any bargaining, or haggling when the task is actually at hand.

Who can own this kind of a business?

Practically anyone who has a little money to invest can venture in this direction. See, the first thing to understand here is that this app does not require its owner to be a part of anything. It is merely a platform for the service provider and the interested client to get in touch and take it further.

Metaphorically speaking, think of this app as a coffee shop. People come, sit, meet, eat cookies, drink coffee, go home. The coffee shop isn’t responsible for what these people talk about or do. He simply gets paid for allowing these people to sit in his house and connect. That’s exactly how and why you will get paid. You get paid for enabling the smooth transaction.

Should you go for it or not is completely your call, but this industry seems to one of the richest industry in the world. Lots of money involved here guys, no harm in researching it for a bit and taking a call!