taxi booking app

Femitaxi clone app is the largest exclusive transportation in Brazil for children and women. This app works with taxi and private with the help of the traffic department. This amazing app connects the female passengers with the women drivers and offers comfortable, safe and great services to them. This mind-blowing service is especially for children and women. This wonderful app works with schedules and discounts. This service is basically available in Sao Paulo, Campinas, BH, Santos, Goiana, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

With this app, one can easily book a private taxi and a car without any hassle. If you have a plan to go out with your friends on the weekend then Femitaxi clone is best for you as it also offers a chauffeur service to its customers at the same price.

Easy and efficient service

Availing the service of Femitaxi clone app is very easy as we just have to choose wherever we want to go then select the payment method and within a few minutes, a professional women driver will arrive at the location. One another positive aspect of Femitaxi clone app is that each and every car controlled by this app is driven with the help of Google maps. So, there is no hassle of providing direction to the drivers to reach our destination. 

Handpicked and professional drivers

The drivers of Femitaxi clone app are handpicked and they have to pass through the different sets of tests which include drug tests, criminal tests, etc. The drivers of this app are checked on the basis of their criminal records and drug tests and then hired. If they are found in any kind of criminal activities then they are immediately fired. They are also provided with a special training program before they are hired. They are taught how to deal in an emergency situation, how to behave with the customers politely etc. The cars which are with the drivers are all new and are completed with all sorts of document work. 

Working of Femitaxi clone app

The working of Femitaxi clone app is very easy and simple. Just follow the mentioned below steps to use this amazing app-

  • To use this app, register yourself on the taxi app by providing your basic details like name, email address, phone number, or any social media ID.
  • Choose the service and enter your pickup and drop off location.
  • A classy car will arrive at your place to pick you up.
  • After reaching your destination, make payment by using cash, debit card or credit card.
  • In the end, provide your honest reviews and feedbacks about the service that you availed.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur and want to earn a handsome amount of profit by introducing your own app in the market then you should always go with a credible and reliable app. Femitaxi app clone is one of the leading and trustable mobile apps which provides safe and comfortable rides to the women and the children. This app will undoubtedly hammer the tough competition of the market and will help you to touch the zenith of success.