Gojek Clone App

The on demand service industry is one of the fastest-growing and lucrative industries today. It has created a name for itself thanks to the digitization of this service in the form of the on demand service app.

The app which revolutionized this on demand service altogether was the Go-Jek App. Prior to becoming an app offering over 52+ services to users, it was strictly a motorcycle ride-hailing platform when it came into existence in the year 2010.

As it realized the changing needs of the business as well as the customers, it revolutionized its app and now offers over 52+ services to its users living in Indonesia like a taxi ride, moto ride, car rental, food delivery, grocery delivery, babysitting, beauty service, etc, to name a few.

So, now the question that one would like to ask is how does this app operate and function. Well, the functioning and operation of this app are simple.

  1. Login/ Sign Up on App
  2. Choose the Service
  3. Book the Service
  4. Add Delivery Location
  5. Make Payment – Cash/Card/Wallet
  6. Track Order
  7. Get Notification Upon Arrival of Service Provider
  8. Rate & Leave Review

The easy functionality of the Gojek app makes it a favorite among users. Also, encouraging new businesses to build apps similar to Gojek.

However before one goes on to develop apps similar to Gojek, it is essential to bear the following points in mind.

Points to Remember While Developing Apps Similar to Gojek

Keep the Target Audience in Mind

Understand the age group, the area, the requirements, the cost of living, etc. strictly in mind while building your apps similar to Gojek.

Take Advantage of the Users Pain

Understand that users rely more on apps than anything and thus having an on demand service app would help you take advantage of that pain and turn your app into a boon or blessing for them

Understand the Psychology of Convenience of Users

Realize that if users get on demand services in a matter of minutes at the convenience of their houses or wherever they are living, nothing can stop your app or your business from becoming a hit among them

Follow Algorithmic Model to Match User with Service Provider

Follow these 2 algorithmic steps to match the user with a service provider, namely automatic and manual matching where in the first one the user gets matched with the nearest service provider and in the second, the app owner manually assigns the task to the service provider.

So make sure to keep these following points handy while creating your apps similar to Gojek and see your on demand service business touching new peaks of success altogether.