gojek clone

There is a big reason why everyone loves to go to the supermarket for their shopping purpose. It’s a lot more effective to score everything that you need in just one single trip than to visit, bakery, dairy, butcher and so on.

The same applies to multiple service provider apps where we can get almost all the services that we require in our day-to-day life.

One of the leading and popular app in today’s modern era is Gojek app clone which offers almost all the on-demand services to their users without any hassle. Whether you want to deliver an expensive package from one place to another or you want to order a delicious cake, everything is available just by a few simple taps on your phone.

multi services solution

With the change in time, there are different companies which have emerged nowadays and claims to provide the best gojek app clone experience to their clients.

Let’s have a look at their offerings for multi services solution


One can scale this wonderful app as big as they like. They also claim that their app works smoothly without any trouble.

Complete white labelling

These mobile app development companies provide complete white labelling of the product without charging any extra amount. They will be providing the product with your own logo, brand name and the design that you like.

Free update of the app

Free upgraded version of the application will be provided to their clients. This version update will be only done after a year.

Free customisation

Your application will be fully customised according to your needs. It totally depends on the client that which feature they want to include and which feature they want to exclude in the app.

Free source code

Clients are provided with the free source code

Free support over calls and Skype chat support

The clients are offered with the free Skype chat and call support to provide them with assistance in case they need any kind of help.

Gojek app clone source code

All in one app or Gojek app clone offers different on-demand services like massage services, taxi booking, beauty services, cleaning services etc. It consists of almost all the on-demand services that a new emerging wants to start with. To satisfy all the requirements of the new entrepreneurs, mobile app development companies provides the following components in their script-

  • Native iOS driver/Service provider app
  • iOS user app
  • Native iOS store/Restaurant app
  • Android driver/Service provider app
  • Android user app
  • store/Restaurant app for Android
  • The main website which will be responsive
  • Driver/Service provider web panel
  • Store/Restaurant web panel
  • User web panel
  • Driver/Service provider’s companies panel
  • Dispatcher/Manual booking panel
  • Billing/Accounts panel
  • Admin web panel to handle the overall working of the app like commission/payment, rates, client, service provider etc.

To establish your business in a competitive market, you need to choose the correct option for multi services solution. For that Gojek clone is the best option in today’s modern era which can undoubtedly boost your business in a short duration and it also holds strong positive goodwill in the market.