gojek clone app

In a layman’s term, Gojek clone app is an app which offers more than 52 varieties of services. These services are for their customers without any hassle. From food delivery to transportation service, everything is available under this single platform.

Some special features of Gojek clone app include payment integration, geo-fencing, separate panel for admin, dispatcher and customer. With the customization options offered by different mobile app development companies, one can easily remove or add several features in the app.

With the introduction of different reputed mobile app development companies. It is very easy and affordable to setup Gojek clone business model which is fully tested and tried.

Packages of Gojek clone app

A combination of on-demand multi-services available at one single platform where the users can avail a different number of services without any complication.

On-demand services such as Car rental, Moto rental, Food delivery, Taxi ride, Car wash, DJ, Real Estate Agent, Worker, Tour guide, Snow Plows, Worker, Tow truck, Lawyer, Home painting service and many more services can be add in this app without any trouble. The Gojek clone app assures maximal exposure among the customers so that the app owner rake in good profit with a single app. With the particular specification in place, one can create a Gojek clone script according to their requirements.  Mentioned below are some of the important points that every Gojek clone app should have-

  • Android app for a Service provider
  • Android app for the user
  • iOS app for the service provider
  • iOS app for the user
  • Primary website- which will be responsive and manage different functions like rates, commission, payment option etc.
  • Service provider/store web panel
  • User web panel
  • Dispatcher panel and admin panel

Working of Gojek clone app

Working of Gojek clone app is very simple. One can easily access this app by following the mentioned below steps-

  • Registration:
    The first and the most important step to use this unbeatable app is to make registration on the app. This can be done by providing some basic information like name, address, phone number, email address etc.
  • Home screen:
    After the successful registration work, the users reach the home screen. It comprises of the different services that the customers can avail.
  • Choosing the service:
    The user can go with any of the services which they feel to go with. The users can select any service from taxi, delivery, etc.
  • Notification:
    After choosing the service, the service provider receives a notification on their phone. It is his choice whether he accepts or rejects the request.
  • Payment process:
    The app display an estimate cost to be paid for using the service. The users can pay their bill amount by using cash, credit card, debit card or wallet.
  • Ratings and review:
    The users can rate the service based on their experience which also helps the company to improve their services.

If you are planning to begin your own unbeatable business then you should opt for Gojek like app development . As it provides the finest features to its customers and it can be also customize. And this unstoppable can also be developed within a short span.