New Gojek Clone App Solution 2023

The widespread user control has been immediately transferred as a result of the widespread popularisation of mobile technologies during the past 10 years. With just a few clicks and in the comfort of your own home, routine activities may be completed with ease. The growth of the smartphone market has brought forth several benefits, including the provision of doorstep services. 7 Out of the Box Components for Your Online Business are Included in Our Gojek Clone App Solution 2023’s Debut. No matter if your company is a budding start-up or an established enterprise, no concerns. Because with the inclusion of these New Components, you can quickly surprise your competitors with your success.

Given the potential expansion of the on-demand multi-services industry, now is the ideal time to invest in this ground-breaking field. Let’s look at these money-making components one at a time.

Top 7 New Components Of Gojek Clone App Solution 2023

1. Buying and Sell Real Estate

Users can list information about their land, business, or residential properties that are up for sale. According to their needs, buyers can search the listing and then contact the sellers for more information. For users who want to increase the visibility of their Posting and receive more inquiries, the app administrator may publish a free and premium plan.

Residential apartments, homes/villas, shops/showrooms, industrial sheds, service apartments, farms houses, and industrial buildings are among the types of this component. The Categories are subject to change over time. The Admin Panel in this Section enables you, the app owner, to add up to 10 Real Estate Categories.

2. Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars/Vehicles

If your users want to buy, sell or rent a car/vehicle for a few hours or probably a few days, our component is the best place to start with.

As more and more users make use of the function that enables them to sell and buy cars at the greatest prices. As a result, there are no longer any “Middle-man” problems that call for commission payments. Fairness and transparency are enabled throughout the entire process.

The “Plan Packages” that the seller purchases to emphasize their vehicle in the “Featured” category will also generate a sizable profit for them.

3. Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Users may now browse quickly, post advertisements, and buy, sell, or trade a large range of items. The users can view the listing of the items and connect with the said seller to discuss further.

The administrator may publicize the premium plans. That enable the seller to purchase and profit from being “Featured” and make them available. The visibility and inquiries will therefore rise. Also, in turn, it increases the user base, and the app Admin makes money.

4. Car Pooling

The Carpooling module allows the user to post their travel info along with the number of empty seats and cost per seat. Other users shall connect with the driver/car owner that matches their travel requirements.

Employing the carpool feature, provide your customers the choice to split the cost of their travel. By tackling the growing fuel problems and the strenuous daily travel, this component of your software will provide you with a competitive edge.

The function can take care of all of your customers’ travel requirements by putting them in touch with other drivers who are making the same journeys. Increased traffic offers a practical, economical, and long-term answer to this problem, but it also exacerbates the chaos and pollution in our growing cities.

5. Medical Services

It is a comprehensive healthcare module that provides quick access to a variety of on-demand medical services on the go. The Users get access to hospitals, pharmacies, ambulance services, and medical professionals.

Additionally, your users may schedule appointments, make appointments, connect to the services of the ambulance, and order doorstep delivery for their medicines.  This one-tap medical care solution couldn’t have come at a better moment, from prolonged urgent care to regular check-ups.

6. Nearby Businesses

Your users will have access to details on businesses of the location they are presently, just like  Real Time Yellow Pages. For instance, while passing through a specific location, your user can browse through all the businesses listed along with their basic information. Cafes, nightlife, gyms, shopping, spas, malls, bars, and salons are just a few of the categories included in this component.

For businesses who want to list their businesses, the app administrator can publish either free or premium plan packages. The Categories in this component are flexible. As the app’s owner, you can therefore add up to 10 companies and services via the Admin Panel in this section.

7. Track Employees/Family members

Once you have this app installed on your family member’s phone, you can track their Real-time Live Locations on Google Maps. Similarly, after installing the app on your employee’s phone, employees can track their employees’ Live Locations in real-time on Google Maps when they are working in the field during business hours. Family members or coworkers can turn off the ability to track their LIVE Location whenever necessary.

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