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It was my kid’s birthday party, and in the excitement of throwing a party, prepared an amazing meal, had the cake done and it was all set when one of the guests asks for the coke can. Boom!! Forgotten to get it from the grocery store but, all thanks to the “on demand app solutions”. In a few clicks, I had everything sorted and the party was in full up in the swing.  A single app saved me. This is the actual importance of having on-demand apps in our lives. A lot of problems are sorted and our lives are streamlined when you have these apps at your fingertips.

For this reason, the established entrepreneurs and startup entrepreneurs are collaborating with the on demand mobile app development company to venture into this lucrative industry.

What Are On Demand Apps?

On demand apps are mobile apps that cater to a wide range of delivery services getting them delivered right to your doorstep. Thus, even in challenging times like Covid19, these on demand apps have made it possible to keep floating the global economy.

Today citizens are majorly relying on these on demand apps is for obvious reasons – Convenience, comfort, and affordability. They get to compare everything through this app and get to choose the best suitable. Thus, people are opting for an app like the Gojek clone app, DeliveryKing, Taxi apps, Deliver All, etc.

How On-Demand Apps Are Shaping Up The World’s Economy?

Recently, on-demand apps are becoming popular as people are finding them extremely easy and quick in streamlining their daily lives. From grocery shopping to laundry pickup, to even picking up your car keys from home to medical supplies shopping to ordering meals to set up your salon appointment everything is taken care of in a few clicks.

As per the economic experts, the on-demand apps industry is a multi-billion industry that is growing in leaps and bounds. Below are the apps that are widely developed by global companies today:

  • Food delivery
  • Grocery on-demand delivery
  • Taxi booking and rental services
  • Healthcare and beauty 

What Kind Of On-Demand App That Businesses Are Investing In?

When it comes to on-demand app solutions, there is a wide range of categories to choose from E.g. if you are already a restaurant owner having an independent on-demand app to cater to your significant market can be beneficial On the other hand, if you are having a food delivery business or wish to start one, developing an aggregator business model can boost your revenue.

Below are the apps that are thriving and helping entrepreneurs to generate revenue even during COVID19 situations:


It is a single app that delivers everything, anything. Regardless of what you wish to buy, the app lets you do the chores in a few taps. The app allows the customers to place an order for groceries, run errands, do the parcel delivery, get medicines, place an order for food from their favorite restaurant, and so on. 

From the exhaustive 101+ on demand app solutions categories present, the app lets the user explore the services and choose to suit their requirements. 

Deliver All

This app includes all types of on-demand delivery that are store-based where you can place the order and get it delivered right at your doorstep. The app offers delivery for Food, Grocery, Ecommerce, Wine, Flowers/gifts, Wine/Alcohol,  Ice-cream, Stationery, Bottled water, and more.

Gojeck clone app

It is a multi-service on demand app solutions featuring taxi ride services, tow truck services, food delivery, grocery, medicine, daily essential needs services, handyman services, hire freelancers services, fitness coach services, beautician, event planners, baby-sitters, home cleaning, and sanitization, locksmith, car wash and more. Your name and the app has it. All it requires choosing from the category, place an order, and the task is done.

Taxi booking and rental apps

Just like Uber, the taxi booking and rental apps are replicated designed to give a seamless riding experience to the customers. The layout, navigation, and features are the same as Uber Clone the entrepreneurs can customize the app as per their cab booking requirements.

On-demand beautician app

This revolutionary on-demand app has changed the way the salon business used to happen. Whether you are a salon owner or wish to invest in the beauty industry, the on demand beautician app is the perfect solution to boost your business. Offering a wide range of beauty treatments, it is obvious your customers are going to attract and download the app.

On-demand car wash app

This on-demand car washing app lets the customer place a booking appointment for their car washing on the same day. With this app, the car owners can maintain their vehicles irrespective of their erratic schedule.

On demand medical services 

The app is on-the-go pharmacy service provider. The delivery driver delivers the medical supplies and other wellness products to the customer right at their doorstep. The app lets you place an order for their pharmacy from the list of categories. Once the payment is made and the order gets confirmed, the delivery driver gets you the medical supplies.

What Are The Unique Elements To Make Your App Successful?

There is no one size fit rule here to make your app successful. Everything depends on your research work, your customer preferences, and your experience in the field that you wish to make the ondemand app. 

Several on-demand apps have taken the businesses to the next level, gradually expanding their horizons. For any entrepreneur, it is a temptation to experience a boost in the business.There are few things to consider before you go on developing an ondemand app for your business:

  • Ensure that you have done your research homework well, it is important to know the niche market, the influence of the pricing, and most importantly your customer’s tastes and preferences
  • Have some unique features built into your app
  • Hire professional on demand app developers team 

Your app should be easy and basic when it comes to navigation. Anything that confuses your user, will drop your app the very next minute. For this, you need to collaborate with a mobile app development company.