food ordering app

There are mobile applications for our day-to-day activities. Everything can be handled by a few swaps on the smartphone. Right from grocery deliveries to booking accommodation to buying an air ticket, everything is easy, quick, and convenient. However, with the plethora of apps, the competition amongst entrepreneurs is growing stiff. Spoiling with choices, sometimes it makes it tough for people to choose between similar apps. So, if you are launching your food ordering app it is crucial to be unique and different from others. 

To outsmart your competitors by launching your food ordering app there are certain things to consider. 

The blog will help you with detailed insights into the new features that you should integrate. 

Before you go ahead and develop an awesome food delivery app there are few things to know:

Finding and Solving Customer’s Pain Points

Addressing the needs of the targeted audience will allow you to know their pain points. Asking open-ended questions to know your customer’s expectations towards the app. 

The questions to identify the challenges include:

  • What kind of features do they love to use?
  • Which tasks occupy the maximum of their time while using the app?
  • What kind of payment modes do they prefer?
  • Delivery times and days they order mostly order food?

Based on the above-mentioned questions, you can frame multiple questions to get the right idea. Thus, helping you develop the right food ordering app.

Once you have identified the pain points, integrating them in the form of the features and functionalities thus making it user-centric.

The New Version 2023 Features For Food Ordering App

Along with the essential features, implement these new version features that allow you to stand out from the rest:

  • Store wise commission allows the admin to set different commission rates for every restaurant
  • Day wise separate time slots allow the restaurant owner to set their days and time according to their customer’s requirements
  • Item name searching allows the user to quickly search the item adding to the cart.
  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers feature enables the users to provide voice notes specific to the delivery preferences
  • Restaurants uploading their kitchen pictures builds trust in the customers ensuring that safety practices are followed
  • Order cancellation option for the delivery driver where they can choose to cancel the order delivery if they are unable to deliver for unforeseen reasons
  • Graphical status of the order allows the users to see real-time status through in-app notifications
  • Face mask verification features where the delivery driver has to upload their selfie ensuring they are following safety protocols
  • The safety badge feature provides the list of restaurants that are strictly following COVID19 safety measures and the badge is the proof.
  • Contactless delivery option allows your customer to order food hassle-free knowing that the food packages are safe to take in.

Apart from the above-mentioned, integrating it with advanced level features like multi-language /currency, push-notifications, in-app chat/call, feedback and reviews, live-tracking, advanced analytics, and reporting, ordering from the website, etc. can be a huge plus.

Customization and Scalability

The food ordering and delivery market is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, your food ordering app must be built as per the latest scalable technology. This means you do not have to pay extra for any future enhancements. The app can easily accommodate the growing customer’s demands. Also, being a white-label solution allows 100% customization. Hence, you can tweak the features, themes, and logo without any technical assistance.

In conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened up hordes of possibilities for those who wish to launch an on-demand food delivery app. There are a plethora of options if you wish to buy an on-demand food delivery clone script. To explain in simple terms, the advent of food ordering apps is now the new normal. This means the demand for food ordering is rising and the timing can never be right. So, if you are thinking of launching your food ordering app, make sure to integrate the above-mentioned features that ensure that you are different from the rest.

In this blog, we have tried to give you the right guidance and insights as to how you can outsmart your competitors. Hire an app development company offering you a customized on-demand food delivery app.