Features of Uber Clone app In 2023

Anyone who has anything to do with the taxi booking world today knows about the Uber clone app application. With hundreds of taxi booking variants available around the world, today, this online booking platform has made waves in the way people book taxis. Gone are the forlorn days of flagging down taxis by yelling at them or calling your retained cabbie. 

Regardless of what type of a taxi the user is looking for, when they need it and whether they wish to ride instantly or not, this application has made it extremely convenient for users to travel through their cities or across them. 

The Uber clone app has likewise become an essential tool for taxi drivers and owners all over the world. With a greater market penetration and observable higher efficiency, this app has become a go to tool for almost every taxi owner across the globe. 

If you too have been trying to enter this business space with the help of your own Uber Clone app. Then this blog post can prove to be a good perusal for you. Today, we will cover some of the basic must have features that you must include in your latest 2023 version. The Uber clone app to have a successful and practical market solution in the on demand online taxi booking space. Let’s go!

Top features of Uber Clone app for 2023


The inclusion of this feature fortifies the administrator to offer restricted access to the sub-administrator who might be taking care of a specific role within the organization. Take for instance, the you may only give the monetary transaction access to your accountants. The access to observing active, cancelled and completed rides to a logistics manager and so on and so forth.


This element engages the riders to be able to book a ride for themselves even without the presence of the taxi booking application. With the help of this feature, the user can simply place a call to the admin (the number shared and advertised) and the manager from the backend of the app can manually enter the details and dispatch a taxi from their fleet. 


You can constantly follow where every single vehicle of your armada is and which rides are occurring where. Assuming that the driver is “ON TRIP” you will actually want to follow every one of his moves. In the sad occasion that something turns out badly, you will be able to approach these subtleties for legitimate help.


This is less of an app feature and more of an operational feature for the functioning of the app. Application of data normalisation is very important in the app to ensure that the process of data fetching through website and apps is easier and safer. 


This is a very important feature and can ensure that it increases your revenue by leaps and bounds. With the help of this feature, you can place your app at the reception of various hotels and kiosks across the city. The users can easily book rides for their travel through here. Even if they do not have an operational smart phone. This comes in handy for tourists or for people unfamiliar with the local schema. 


This element engages a rider to share rides along a similar course. It can help anyone with a car who wishes to provide a seat or two in their car for a price. Not only can it reduce their overall cost of the trip by bringing in additional contribution towards fuel. It might even help them make some money while they are at it. 


When you purchase an on demand Uber clone app you have to make sure that the app development company can guarantee that your whole data set is safely reared up to forestall any breaking down anytime. Ensure that you speak about this with the app development team before you purchase the app. An additional layer of insurance at no added expense is what you should be looking for. 


While providing online payments is an extremely helpful facility in the Uber clone app. The app owner should be very mindful of the kind of private information that the users are placing in their hands. This is why only go for an app that works with secure payment gateways. These gateways should ideally put all the user card data in secure payment gateways vaults which are only retrieved during a transaction with the help of the right kind of authorisations from the users. 


This surprisingly useful element permits you to use various occasions and proposition discounts and offers to your clients. By doing this you are offering an incentive to your users to be able to hire cans only from your app. For example, during Christmas, you can go ahead and offer Christmas discounts on travels in a certain type of taxis. Or you can give promo codes to loyal customers that bring in more users and so on and so forth. 


The Uber clone app is a must have app for anyone who is planning to set up and start their own on demand online taxi booking business. This app allows you to penetrate the market effectively and grow your revenues. 

By working with the commission model, the app ensures that you don’t have to pay salaries or bear the cost of any employee benefits towards various taxi drivers. Each taxi owner is an entrepreneur unto themselves who is registered into the app. 

All you need to do is make sure that you only get your hands on the latest 2023 version of the Uber clone app. Built by a reputed on demand mobile app development company who can launch your app on the Google Play store and the iOS app store within 3 to 4 business days under your server credentials.