Gojek Clone

Powerful Gojek like App is one unique App that offers 70+ On-Demand Services through its digital platform wherein Users login each day to shop and book Services to coddle themselves! And they end up Splurging all of their’ Monthly Savings at once! Entrepreneurs worldwide are swooning over this Gojek Clone App because of its two Profit-Centric Business Models – Subscription Plans and Commission-Per-Order.

Under the Commission based Business Model, the App Owner stands to earn Commission on every single Service rendered and Order Placed through the App. However, Service Providers have to buy any one of the Subscription Plans curated by the App Owner by making a One-Time-Payment. When the Plan is active, the Service Provider has to no longer pay a certain percentage of the Earnings per Order to the App Owner as Commission.


Taxi Booking

Macy Rivera is Five-Months Pregnant and she wants to book a Taxi Ride to Trout Meadows Apartments, 2980 Trout Meadows Road, Bozeman, Montana! But while taking shower, she accidently dropped her iPhone 11 Pro in her Hot and Steamy Bath Tub! It wouldn’t even switch on! How will she book a Taxi Ride now? She opens her 16-Inch MacBook Pro and goes to the official website of the Gojek Clone App and places an online Ride Request for a Female Driver! It gets accepted. She chooses to pay in Cash.

Online Video Consultation with a Doctor

Macy reaches her Best Friends’ Place in less than 20 minutes. Even her Best Friend Willow is pregnant with Twin Boys and is in her third Trimester. While munching on home-made Orange Sunburst Large Muffins, Macy gets extremely nauseated and begins to get painful cramps.

Willow gets concerned and opens her Gojek Clone App and books an Online Session of Video Consultation with their common Gynaecologist Dr. Alexandra Whitman! Macy and Willow – Both are her Patients. Dr. Whitman immediately accepts the Request and makes a Video Call to Willow because Macy’ phone is not working!  Macy is speaking to Dr. Alexandra and after explaining all the symptoms, Dr. Alexandra diagnoses that there is nothing to worry about. The Nausea could have been because of the physical exertion and she need not worry about the Cramps.

For a 30-minute session, US $200 gets debited from Willow’ Credit Card. Macy immediately pays her Best Friend in Cash for the Session-Cost. Willow first gets angry, then her energy suddenly drops! Now she wants to just lie down on her comfy Recliner!

Online Food Ordering

Macy tells Willow to order two Lobster Rolls for her that come with a Buttered Hot Dog Bun. Macy wants the chunks of Lobster meat glazed with Mayonnaise and not lemon! While Willow orders for herself a Pot Roast! It is Braised Beef and Veggies! She chooses to pay using her In-App Wallet! The Food gets delivered in less than 20 minutes!

Service Bidding: Electricians

Macy goes in to the washroom and realizes that the light bulb is not working and immediately informs Willow about it. She opens her All-In-One-Services App and searches for Electricians. She is then asked to fill up a form which asks the following details:

  1. Service Location: Trout Meadows Apartments, 2980 Trout Meadows Road, Bozeman, Montana!
  • Budget: US $50
  • Specific Requirements: Need a New 14W LED Light Bulb
  • Preferred Date & Time: January 3rd 2022, 17:00 ET

Then a Request is sent out to all the Electricians in the Nearby Areas! Willow has to now wait! After an hour, she gets a notification on iPhone that three Electricians are interested but neither of them will do the Job in US $50! Electrician David sends her his quotation, his last bid is at US $80!Another Electrician Markus from the same locality is willing to do the job at US $65 while the third Electrician is demanding double the amount and his last bid is at US $100!

Willow feels that Electrician Markus is being reasonable and hence negotiates with him with her last offer of US $58! Electrician Markus immediately accepts the Offer! Now the App User has finalized the Service Provider. Markus came to her house at the requested time and immediately fixed the LED Bulb by replacing it with a new one.

I have talked about 4 of the them, there is a whole list waiting for you! Keep reading my Blogs!


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