gojek clone app development

The number of people ordering or booking services online has exploded during the global pandemic. Despite the challenges, Powerful App like Gojek has made it possible to twofold the benefits of traveling in Taxis or Ordering Food online. Counting the advantages and moving towards convenience, people now fully trust apps to deliver meals, groceries, parcels/couriers to their doorsteps or simply take a Taxi ride home. This trend has certainly been pronounced because of the pandemic as even when the pandemic was hitting the world hard, the many services like Food deliveries and Taxi bookings through Gojek spiked.

People are impressed seeing the pluses of Gojek like App features, functions, and facilities. This cloned app has stepped up its game by introducing some hefty and tempting features that embossed people’s interest in taking its services.

Corona-Specific Features Of Gojek Clone App

Enlisted are some of the latest features that this cloned app offers:

For Passengers and Drivers

1.  Restricted Passenger Limit as per Government Guidelines

The feature informs the drivers to take only a limited number of passengers during the ride. Also, it notifies the Rider about the allowed number of passengers per Ride. This limit is usually set by the App Owner in compliance with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

2.  Verification of Taxi Driver’s wearing a Face Mask during Ride

Under the feature, the drivers need to upload a picture of them wearing the face mask before the trip begins. Until then, they wait for the admin’s approval. Once the admin approves that the driver is wearing the face mask and is following necessary safety guidelines, they could proceed to accept the trip request. 

3. COVID-19 Safety Checklist

The feature includes a safety checklist that the rider and the driver must abide by during the trip. Both the parties are requested to confirm the terms before requesting or accepting the ride.

4. Safety Rating And Review After Completion of the Ride

This App ensures that the users get to add Corona-specific reviews and safety ratings following a trip. This feature is useful to ascertain that no causalities were taken by either of the parties as far as the safety guidelines go such as. 

5. Ride Cancellation under the violence of COVID-19 Safety requirement

The rider and the driver can cancel a ride if the other party disregards or disobeys the Corona safety measures. The rider can cancel the ride if the driver is not wearing a face mask and hand gloves. On the other hand, the driver could cancel the ride if the passenger has not put on the face mask. 

  • The passenger and driver both have to wear a face mask during the entire ride.
  • They must regularly sanitization their hands
  • Maintenance of contactless payment systems such as via In-App Wallet or digital transaction. 

For Delivery Orders

1.      Upload Pictures Of Restaurant’s Kitchen

A On Demand Multi Service App allows stores and restaurants to upload pictures of their kitchen, work station, dining area, staff wearing a COVID-19 safety kit. These pictures will showcase their hygiene routine and simultaneously gain a wider customer base. The users can view the image and choose to order from them perceiving all the Corona Safety precautions.

2. Voice Notes For Store Delivery Drivers

Voice notes can help delivery drivers to understand the given instructions by the customer. The features aids in practicing contactless delivery during the pandemic as the customers could instruct the drivers where to, how to, and when to deliver the parcel, food, or grocery.   

Thriving the new era of Deliver All services, this App has embarked on its importance. People rely on Online Delivery and Booking Apps to ease their conveyance and convenience. All in all, we can conclude a few reasons why people prefer during the pandemic.

Benefits of Relying On Gojek Clone App

Here are some of the advantages of using delivery apps and taxi apps during and beyond pandemics.

1.      Single-platform process is seamless and hassle-free

From a customer’s or service providers’ standpoint, a Clone app saves time, makes it easy to receive the service, and boasts a hassle-free experience. You can avail of more than 70+ services with just one login. Thus, think about getting an App like this. 

2. Minimal contact

During the pandemic, minimal contact aided less spread of the virus in the public and domestic areas. So, try to anticipate minimal contact services via this app for doorstep delivery, payment from In-Wallet, less traveling by bus or train, etc. 

3. Additional perks and options

Online ordering and booking applications offer limitless options and perks that keep your needs satisfied while protecting you from catching the virus. But, there are other perks that you get such as one store under several categories., fast delivery and wise promo codes, and much more. 


Though people and businesses have suffered during the COVID-19, tech-enabled applications have given a meaningful shape to many. Going forward, there is a growing need to take this online service booking market further. To unlock an opportunity in this surging demand, do you wish to establish a Multi-Billion Dollar company? At V3Cube you could introduce new and advanced corona-specific features for your potential customer. Want to earn easy and fast cash? Launch your gojek clone app with V3Cube in less than a week’s time and see the money rolling in from day 1 of the launch.