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On demand multi-services app offers 70+ Services Online through one single platform wherein Millions of Users log in everyday to shop anything. The App Owner earns a Commission on every single order placed or service rendered through the App. It is because of such Profit-Making Business Models of Powerful Gojek Clone App that it has become a money-making machine for Millions of Entrepreneurs out there across Continents.

On Demand Multi-Services App Is Already A Masterpiece!

It is more valuable than the world-renowned Italian Painter Leonardo da Vinci’s Portrait of Mona Lisa! It is much more sophisticated and nuanced! This App is already stacked with ground-breaking and trailblazing features. Which have been recently introduced keeping in mind the Catastrophic Effects of Covid-19 that has ravaged Mankind and Mother Nature. It has literally brought the Global Financial Economy down to its knees!

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Let’s Play Peek-A-Boo! And Have A Quick Glance At App Like Gojek’ Features

Taxi Drivers have to undergo Face Mask Verification

The Taxi Drivers have to first click a Selfie with the Face Mask On and then upload it on the App awaiting the Admin’s Approval. The App Owner logs into the Admin Panel and verifies the Face Mask status before giving the Approval. 

Riders too have to wear a Face Mask 

Before requesting for a Taxi Ride, the Rider is asked to go through the Safety Checklist of the App and agree to all of the instructions. There are only 4 pointers to this List, wearing a Face Mask throughout the Ride, regularly sanitizing the hands, handling personal luggage on their own and carrying out Cashless Transaction.

Restaurants upload pictures of Clean and Sanitized Kitchen

The Restaurant Owners click and upload pictures of Sanitized Kitchens, Working Stations, Cold Storage Rooms, Chefs’ and the Servers’ wearing a Surgical Face Mask and Hand Gloves at all times, regular Temperature Check-Ups of the entire Restaurant workforce and especially that of the In-House Delivery Drivers!

Since App Like Gojek Is A Rare Gem! How Can We Get It Or Can We Make Our Very Own? 

This is the Dilemma that every aspiring Entrepreneur goes through, whether to buy a Pre-Built App from a Licensed White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute like V3Cube or code this very on demand multi-service app from scratch!

If you too find yourself at the exact same Crossroads, then read this Blog till the very end because by then you’d have the clarity that you were seeking for so long!

1. Building this App from Ground Up

You’d be swimming in troubled waters because it is not going to be a cakewalk! Kindly don’t be delusional that you yourself can code this Complex App from scratch in 2-3 years, it is at least going to take you a decade if you go on this treacherous path alone like a One-Man Army!

Hire a Team of Highly-Skilled Professional with hefty Field Experience

To code the Essentials App Development Components such as the User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel; the App Owner has to hire a Team of a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a Content Writer, a Database Analyst, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

Be ready to splurge at least Quarter of a Million US Dollars 

You may ask me how so? Then let’s do the math together. 

First, the App Owner has to write big-fat cheques every month to these adept, Proficient workforce for at least 7-8 years! Because that’s how long it is going to take to build this highly complex yet sophisticated App! The App Owner has to also pay for their Provident Funds, give them Financial and Medical Incentives to the Team Happy and Content.

Second, the Infrastructural Costs of Renting an Office Premise. Paying monthly Electricity and Water Bills, Municipality Tax, mandatory Annual Maintenance Fee are all going to burn a hole in your Wallet.

Third, The Subscription Costs of all the Software that your team will need to help develop this multi-services app for you! Along with this, count in the cost of buying Hardware requirements in terms of Equipment and Gadgets!

Now it makes sense, right! How your Quarter of a Million Dollar will disappear into the thin Air.  

  • But why 7-8 years?

Your Highly-Skilled Team will need at least 4-5 years to first get the working model of the Prototype ready. And as Industry Experts say it, nobody gets it right the first time around. Add to this couple of more years for developing a Fully-Functional App that’s Bug-Free. Once your App is ready, your kid has grown seven years older now!

So, yes, your App will be ready for Launch before you celebrate your kid’s 10th Birthday!

2. Buy a Readymade Gojek Clone App from V3Cube!

V3Cube sells only Mature, Market-Tested and Fully-Optimised on demand multi-services app. They have launched more than a couple of hundreds and thousands of Apps in the last couple of years itself! Then sought feedback from their All Clients who were successfully running their businesses in their respective countries and fixed the Bugs that had appeared in the Past. And they have been in the On-Demand Service Industry for many years now. They are regarded as Industry Stalwarts for Delivering Quality Product in the shortest time possible.

You can go live with your Fully-Customized App in just 7 days! And that too at the cost of Peanuts when compared to the astronomical figure of Quarter of a Million Dollars!

Also, their After-Sales Support is Phenomenal. They will provide you One Year Free Support for Bugs that may show up in their Code.


Powerful Gojek like App is your Genie that fulfills all of your Dreams and Aspirations while simultaneously serving the Users by providing them Prompt and Quick Delivery of 70+ On-Demand Services. When you launch this multi-services app, you are literally dipping your toe in the pool of infinite Wealth and Prosperity. Do you also want to become rich by launching this App? Do you have the entrepreneurial gene in you? Then Contact V3Cube right after celebrating your Sister’ Baby Shower and launch your gojek clone app in a weeks’ time! I wouldn’t be surprised to see you raking in Profits from Day 1 of the Launch.