gojek clone app

Okay, so you are keen to build Gojek Clone App. That’s great! The on-demand market is booming so why not join the bandwagon. But, there is a slight problem here. If everyone will create an app like Gojek what makes your Gojek different? Penny for your thoughts. Also, how will you make profits from this multi-service on-demand delivery app? That’s why you are reading this blog.

So, let’s dive in for the reason you are here.

Gojek popularity has crossed the Asian borders. It has reached everywhere, even the smallest town will have an app that has a working mechanism like Gojek. No wonder, it is the brand that has earned a huge reputation that minted profits like anything. Offering everything, on the go, people find it quick and convenient in ordering anything, anytime and anywhere with ease. So, if you are looking to create Gojek Clone App your business model has to be in such a way that it brings profits. 

Following are the tips:

Offering multiple services under one app

Declutter your consumer’s phone by offering multiple services on the go in one app. Right from ordering groceries to getting a babysitter to getting their parcel pickup, everything can be arranged from Gojek Clone App. When you are offering affordable, quick and with lots of options people keep coming back for more.

Providing great customer service

Your customers will feel cared for and welcome when you resolve their problems on the same day or immediately. Giving them a resolution that works for them can be a great way to boost your Gojek Clone App popularity. More and more customers will flock to your app thus, more orders which means great revenue.

Charging an extra but small fee for rush deliveries

It is a sure-shot way to boost your profits. Not only this, offering same-day deliveries makes your consumers happy. People don’t mind paying a little extra when they are getting an immediate resolution for their chores. This is the smart strategy to leverage in your Gojek Clone App.

Waiving off delivery charges 

We all love freebies. By waiving off delivery charges on minimum amount order can give your more customers. These provide a small push to your profit but a significant one, eventually turning into big.

Lowers your operational cost

Gojek Clone App automates your entire business operations. You need not hire administrative and operational staff in huge. Thus it minimizes the cost that you used to spend on resources. Ultimately these savings showing a significant boost in the profits.

Apart from the above-mentioned, you can leverage other sources like charging commission from the service providers, 3rd party ad banners, cancellation charges, subscription fees from the members, fees from the service provider who wishes to onboard, etc.

Integrate New Version Features In Gojek Clone App

  • Restricted passenger limit allows the driver to limit the intake of the passengers. Thus, this prevents overcrowding ensuring social distancing is maintained.
  • The face mask verification feature ask for the verification of the driver ensuring that he/she is wearing the face mask during the trips
  • Safety ratings and reviews from the passengers allow knowing if the driver was following safety protocols
  • Taxi fare calculation 2 models allow implementing payment methods suiting taxi business requirements. Either the passenger pays the estimated fare or pays according to the road traveled.
  • The ride cancelation feature allows both driver and the passenger to cancel the ride if they find either of them not following the COVID19 safety measures.
  • OTP verification feature is where the driver asks the passenger before starting the trip.
  • Graphical status of the ride/order allows the user to know the real-time status of the order/ride in the form of graphical icons through in-app notifications
  • Store wise commission allows the admin to set different commission rates for each store
  • Daywise separate time slots enable the store owners/restaurants to be flexible with the operational hours and days
  • Item name searching allows the user to quickly search the items thus adding to the cart.
  • Voice instruction for the delivery driver feature allows the user to provide voice note for anything related to deliveries
  • Restaurants upload pictures of the kitchen where the users can see how every restaurant is following safety protocols.
  • Order cancellation option for the delivery driver is where the driver can cancel the order if they are unable to make delivery.

In Conclusion

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur thinking to venture into this ever-growing on-demand multi-service industry, Gojek Clone App is the answer to your search. This on-demand multiple-service app can be created by approaching an app development company in India. Hire a white-label Gojek Clone App Solution offering 100% customization. 

Since it is a ready-made app solution it offers flexibility to customize the features, themes, and more the way your on demand business. The Gojek clone app is quick to launch once you take the demo and finalize the order.