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Dry cleaning is a procedure that cleans our clothes without using even a single bucket of water. It is undoubtedly an eco-friendly method in which we don’t have to use a lot of water and it is also a very cheap process than the casual laundry cleaning.


Here are some steps how dry cleaning process works. Let’s have a look.

Steps of Operation of Dry Cleaning Process

  • The process of dry cleaning goes behind a proper process where the employees of the dry cleaning company check whether the clothes have any problem that can appear once the clothes are over with the cleaning work. This comprises of a tear on the clothes, missing button ,etc.
  • The next and the important step is that the employees of the dry cleaning company add a tag on the clothes to know whose clothes belong to whom. This restricts the mismatching of the clothes and also helps in finding the laundry in a quick time. The clothes then go for the treatment purpose which makes it simple for the dry cleaning chemicals to make it stain free. This can take a few minutes as they use the proper solution for a different type of clothing.
  • After the completion of this process, the perfect time comes when the clothes go to the cleaning machine where a special solvent is used instead of water.
  • The machine used to clean the clothes exactly works like the washing machine and ceaselessly spins the clothes with special cleaning solvent. This machine utilizes the divergent force generated by spinning clothes to dispense the solvent also at that time when it provides a pounding to the clothes to clear off the dirt from the clothes.
  • Once your dry cleaning work is over you have employees checking on them. This is to ascertain if your clothes have been properly washed. Also to check if stains have been removed or not.

What Happens If Stains Not Removed

In a situation where stains are not removed well your clothes go in for another round of treatment. Lastly, your clothes are sent for the last stage of the process which includes final touching. This comprises of ironing of the clothes, properly arranging them and settling it according to who owns them. Finally, the clothes are delivered to the customers in a well-treated manner.

Laundro clone app is one of the leading and most successful dry cleaning app in today’s century. It provides great dry cleaning services to the customers without the involvement of any kind of difficulties.

Here are some steps to make you understand how to use this app.

Steps You Should Follow to Operate the App

  • Make registration on the app by giving your contact number, email address or any social media profile.
  • Choose the service and also give your location.
  • A professional employee of Laundro clone app will arrive to collect up the clothes.
  • After the completion of the service make your payments by using cash, credit card or debit cards.
  • In the end, provide your genuine feedbacks to the company which will also help the company to improve its services.

Concluding Notes

If you want to start your own unbeatable business of Laundry service and want to develop an app for the same then you can go with Laundro app clone which is reliable, credible and flawless.