on demand service app

Touch the zenith of success by introducing a multi-business model

In the fast-paced generation, people nowadays want to get every service with the few simple clicks on their phone. Whether it’s about getting healthcare services or food…

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taxi business

Earn handsome profit by launching your top Brazil taxi app

Brazil is one of the most fascinating and largest countries in South America. If you have an idea somewhere in your mind to enjoy an astonishing trip…

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uber for doctors

Help your customers to get a professional nurse with nurse on-demand app

Nurses are the real heroes who have to face different situations in the healthcare industries. From a newborn baby to a person going to shake his hand…

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laundro app clone

We are tougher than dirt: Dry cleaner on demand app

Dry cleaning is a procedure that cleans our clothes without using even a single bucket of water. It is undoubtedly an eco-friendly method in which we don’t…

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Waha Wash app clone

Make your car look like a new with Waha Wash app clone

A complete car wash at home can be quite difficult if you do it by yourself. There is a number of professionals who can get your car…

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uber clone

We focus on both the platforms- Android and iOS: React native uber clone

Just like Angular Js and MeteroJS, React native apps highly support responsive interface. React native apps and the native environment of the device minimizes the load times…

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home service

Unlimited Jobs. Improved service. Discover liberation- Housecall app clone

Technology has made a great change in our day-to-day lives. There are different apps in the market now which can change our lives in a great way….

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