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Technology has made a great change in our day-to-day lives. There are different apps in the market now which can change our lives in a great way. There are apps for everything now. We can easily find where we are, what to eat, where we are going, when to exercise and how to exercise.

Housecall clone app is rated as number 1 field service handling program which is specially built to grow and run our business with the fingertips of our hand. If someone owns this app, they will undoubtedly save their 15 hours a week going completely paperless methods. This app also provides us with the freedom to work smoothly in our business without any inconvenience. 

This amazing app makes it simple to dispatch, schedule, accept payment by different methods and also get online booked by the users.

Advantages of Housecall clone app

  • One can easily reschedule and edit their schedule from their smartphone or computer.
  • The special feature of drag and drop calendar helps in handling the schedule painlessly.
  • One can easily schedule arrival windows, recurring jobs and can also assign teams through this app.
  • The admin can directly send the jobs to the employee calendar.
  • The admin can easily update the employee about the job with the automatic notifications features.
  • This app also improves the communication level through the in-app messaging feature
  • This fantastic app also helps in attaching the photos and the notes even if they are out of the field.

Customer conversation

  • One can keep their customers engaged by sending them ceaseless job status updates throughout the whole process.
  • This app automatically sends email reminders and customer text, en-route notifications and confirmations.

Online booking

  • Suppose you miss a call that does not mean that you lose a job. Customers can book your service online through facebook, website or yelp.
  • Your users can easily book your wonderful services according to your available schedule.

Invoices and estimates

  • One can update, create and send their customers estimates and invoices right from their smartphone or computer.
  • There is a feature of automatic invoices, email and receipts.
  • One can easily customise the services according to their needs and can also add the services throughout the job.

Payment procedure

  • One can easily accept checks, cash credit cards and debit cards for the services.
  • By using this app, one can get faster payments processing through debit cards or credit cards directly.
  • One can also send online invoices through a text to let their customers pay the transactions online through their phone.
  • One can easily deposit their funds in the bank account. 


Marketing plays a very important role in any business. So, keeping this in mind, one can send thank you messages or emails for their business after the completion of the job. Delivering automated postcards to the customer doorstep is another great idea to promote the business.

If you have a strategy to start your business which can make your dream come true to earn a good amount of profit then you can go with Housecall app clone as it is methodical, systematic and credible in the industry.