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The statistics say that getting Physiotherapy done can lower a patient’s treatment cost by 72%. Moreover, on average, more than a hundred people visit a physical therapy clinic every week. These statistics indicate that people are taking care of themselves and opting for On-Demand Physiotherapy Services. Thus, healthcare Entrepreneurs, it is the right time to Launch a Squeezy Clone App. 


People are always on their Smartphones looking for Solutions befitting their various needs from Food Ordering, to Grocery Delivery, Doorstep Delivery of Medicines, etc. So why not On-Demand Specialists such as Physiotherapists? Well, there’s a solution for that too, that is, Squeezy Clone App. 

People with persisting chronic pain need physiotherapy. Also, pregnant women, post-surgery patients, people with respiratory tract complications, and others need to attend regular Sessions to treat their illnesses. So, now they can book Physiotherapists At Home with just a few clicks! The main purpose of this App is to offer health care services to patients at their homes, on their own time, and for as long as they want. 

squeezy clone app


James had recently survived a stroke. However, his body is still trying to recover from the Stroke. Medicines are helping, but there’s a slight boost that he needs to recover quickly. Thus, his Doctor suggested getting Physiotherapy Sessions. 

Since he lives with his wife who works double shifts at a Hospital nearby, it is difficult to manage the chores. Luckily, he stumbled upon an On-Demand Physiotherapy App that lets the User book At-Home Services.

Therefore, he booked his first Physiotherapy Session on the App in the following way. 
  1. He registered on the App using his Facebook Account and fill in all the required details like name, phone number, and email address. 
  2. James verified his Phone Number and Email Address by entering 4 Digit OTP sent via SMS. This step was important from the security point of view.  
  3. After registration and verification, he landed on the Profile Page of the App. This page has many options such as Wallet, Favorite Medical Expert, Emergency Contact, My Bookings, and many more. 
  4. He went to the Home Page and found an entire list of Physiotherapy Service Categories from which he tapped on  Squeezy Clone App Stroke Recovery.
  5. A long list of Physiotherapists from around a specific radius popped on the Screen. He chose Doctor Kevin D. for the Service after looking at at least 10 different Profiles comparing everyone’s Ratings, reviews, and experience. 
  6. He Booked the only 9:00 AM EST slot on 08th March 2022.
  7. James selected his Preferred Payment Method as Credit Card to pay for the Service. 

James was able to track the live location of the therapist on the App itself. He also called the Doctor via the In-App Calling Feature to confirm whether he was coming for the Session or not. He received an OTP on the registered Phone Number. The Therapist asked James to share the OTP so that he could enter it on the On-Demand Physiotherapy App for Providers and start the Job. 

And after the 60-Minute long session ended, James received an SMS that X USD was debited from his account. This deduction was nothing but the Therapist’s fee! 


So do you want to own a Mobile Application like Squeezy Clone App and offer amazing On-Demand Physiotherapist Services in your City and beyond? Well, then get your hands on the Business Solution right now and launch it within 7 Business Days! 

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