TIDY Clone App

Let’s imagine a scenario where you’re leaving for Work at 9 in the Morning and reaching home at 8 in the evening! Now, frankly answer the question, ‘Will you be able to wash piles of Clothes, Dishes, and vacuum the House before leaving or afterward?’ If I were to answer this Question, it would be a Big Fat ‘NO’. But what if you can hire some Professional Home Cleaners and get all the mess tidied up? Now, anyone with the TIDY Clone App on their Smartphone can hire the Expert Home Cleaners!


On-Demand Home Cleaning Apps are helping people with Busy Schedule to clean their Homes and live in a Tidy Place. In other words, with the helping hand of the On-Demand Home Cleaning App, people are able to manage their Households. Besides being a Helping Hand, this App is earning hefty bucks for the Entrepreneurs Launching the App. 

Moreover, this App offers the Best Market Solution to tackle challenges such as:

  1. Availability of Professional Home Cleaners is getting uniform.
  2. This App is allowing Users to hire only the Best and Most Reliable Service Providers from nearby places. 
  3. Users can take a good look at the Ratings & Reviews of the Providers before hiring them so that they can get Assured Work Quality.


Briefly explained here is the Workflow of the On-Demand Home Cleaning App.

The user looks for the Service Provider they need

After logging into the App, the App User has to tap on the Cleaning Services that they need. The App displays an entire list of Service Providers of the same Category who are available near the Location. The User can look at their Profile and choose a Suitable Cleaner based on their Experience, Background, Ratings, Review, and more. 

Send Request

The App will connect the User with the chosen Service Provider and send them a Service Request. The Home Cleaner will receive an In-App Push Notification about the Request. They can accept or Decline the incoming Service Request based on the Job Details that appear on the Screen.

Provider and User can converse over Internal Chat or Call

After the Provider Accepts the Request, both the Parties can use the In-App Calling and Chatting Feature ofthe TIDY Clone App. These Features have significantly reduced the need for sharing Personal Numbers. Well, over the Internet Calling and Chatting feature stays active on the App until the Job Begins.

Home Cleaners will do the Job and get the payment

 The Home Cleaning Professionals can start the Job according to the App User’s selected Time Slot and provided Instructions. After completion of the task, the App User will complete the Transaction. For example, if the User selects Cash Payment, then they need to hand over the Cash to the Provider after the Job is complete. Or, in the case of Online Transaction, the Amount is automatically deducted from the Credit Card of the User! 

Confirm Job Completion and Rate the Home Cleaner 

On-Demand Home Cleaning App has the feedback Feature wherein the App User can Rate the Service Provider out of 5 Stars and drop a Review. These Ratings & reviews are useful as people mostly rely on previous Customer’s Feedback to book a Service. At the same time, the App Owner will also come to know how Services are getting delivered and take necessary Improvement Actions if needed!


People these days live a busy life. From Work to Social Life, Personal Life, and more, they hardly get enough time to do Home Cleaning every day. Thus, the Best Solution for this daily life challenge is TIDY Clone App, an On-Demand House Cleaning Service App!

Aspiring Entrepreneurs can take the advantage of this Solution and launch their App in just 7 Days, at an Affordable Cost!