Transportation is a thing that we can’t live without in today’s times. Everyone needs to travel from one place to another for one reason or the other. Some people need to travel for work, some other need to travel for personal reasons.

Earlier on, say about a decade back, finding a ride was a difficult thing. But with the entry of Uber in the market, transportation has become a lot easier. But does everyone want a taxi? Does everyone have the kind of budget that is needed to move around in their own little private taxis?

Not really. This is where the concept of ride sharing comes into picture. Ride sharing, as the name suggests is the concept of sharing a ride by multiple people who are traveling along the same route or going to a similar place.

tuk tuk app

Types of Ride Sharing

There are different two basic ways in which ride sharing can be undertaken.


This is when a car owner decides to offer a seat in his or her car to others traveling to the same place or somewhere along the route. The objective here is not to make money but to divide the expense of traveling, thereby making it a little cheaper for everyone while keeping the travel safe and convenient.

However, when the carpooling is done as a private affair, the safety concerns are almost never addressed. No one is responsible for the people traveling; no one wants to bear the cost of insurance for the whole ride and so on and so forth.


This is a much more predominant form of Ridesharing prevalent in the world today. In this type of ride sharing, people usually rely on an application. Here people may use a Tuk Tuk app and hire a “seat” for themselves in a cab instead of the whole cab.

Tuk tuk’s are basically huge ride sharing vans with a lot of seating capacity. Each individual seat is priced individually and people can book 1 or 2 or 3 seats as per their convenience. These are the safest forms of ride sharing because everything is managed using an application, which automatically means that people will be able to track their ride, have a proper invoice and so on and so forth.

Why are Tuk Tuks so popular?

Tuk Tuks are essentially popular in the regions where traffic is a concern. Now, the whole traffic issue is a big vicious cycle of how low income leads to bad taxes which in turn lead to bad roads and therefore the traffic is never smooth or its always congested.

So, what is a Tuk Tuk? A Tuk Tuk is basically an auto rickshaw which has a scooter’s engine and therefore makes a “tuk tuk” like noise which gives it its unique name. Tuk tuks are used very widely in South East Asian countries and are often very easy to find.

Having your own Tuk Tuk App

If you too are planning to start your own business of ridesharing, getting a Tuk tuk app will be a great thing to do. You can easily approach any of the companies that build ridesharing apps. Take a thorough demo of the application and place an order. If you don’t want to limit your services only to Tuk Tuks, you can also add other vehicles to it like cars, minivans etc.