ubiCabs clone app

Basically, ubiCabs is taxi service providing company that is based in London, United Kingdom. ubiCabs is quite a popular taxi services not for their great services but for the bad services. According to the surveys and studies, it has been found that ubiCabs services are quite bad in London. People those who have already experienced their services have shared their review for the ubiCabs. But, still, ubiCabs has one thing which is allowing their business to stand in today’s competitive market. The ubiCabs business model is the only best thing that this taxi service providing company have.

ubiCabs app is quite a simple app that can be operated by any person of any age group. Their mobile application is available for both the popular mobile platforms i.e., Android and iOS. ubiCabs basically covers the city area of London along with all the London’s airport. Also, ubiCabs is now getting better with their services and now they have started providing station services too.

However, ubiCabs services consider minicabs more than other taxis. As minicabs are better cars for London’s city ride. The best part is the prices are fixed for any A to B location. The working of its business tool is quite amazing because the application way much simpler to use. Easy user registration, simple ride booking and reliable payment modes. This amazing combination makes ubiCabs app a perfect business tool to provide taxi services in any country.

ubiCabs clone

There are some great features that ubiCabs app have, let’s find them out!

Selection Of Map

ubiCabs app has an amazing map selection feature in it. In much other taxi booking apps, this map selection feature does not exist. This feature is quite useful as many a time it so happens that you are unable to find your drop off location on maps. These situations do not allow you to book a ride for yourself which is very annoying.

This same thing happens in ubiCabs too but still, you can manually point your drop off location on an ubiCabs app which booking a ride. If you are unable to find your destination then you can simply drag the map and select the location by pinning on ubiCabs app’s map. No extra charges are applied.

Multi Payment Option

Many a time it so happens that people find themselves without any cash when they have to travel from one place to another. For these worst scenarios, ubiCabs have integrated multiple payment options in their application. If any individual does not have cash at the time of booking ride in London, no need to worry as ubiCabs accept payments through debit and credit cards. Also, ubiCabs has their own wallet where a user can recharge their wallet accounts through online banking.

Ride Selection

ubiCabs has a good collection of rides as they have many types of minicabs. Anyone who wants to commute from one place to another in London, he or she can select any ride. However, selection of luxury ride may increase the cost of the trip.

ubiCabs Clone For Taxi Services

Well, ubiCabs is not as popular as Uber but you can make you taxi business popular as Uber with ubiCabs clone app. All you have to do is an approach to any popular app developing company and get your minicab app clone that works similar to ubiCabs.