The Gojek clone app is just a big phenomenon these days. A single app that caters to a plethora of different services is a very popular concept these days. As more and more people are becoming dependent on their smartphones for just because everything, a lot of interested and intelligent entrepreneurs are trying to get their hands on an app like Gojek which can make their business a unique and profitable one instantly.

Having said that, it is imperative that the more the number of people trying to become a one app wonder, the higher is the difficulty level of competition will be. In order to achieve complete and absolute success in this field and to ensure that you are growing there are two things that seem to be most important.

  1. More visibility
  2. More Access

Both these things in gojek clone business can be achieved with the following 2 things.

Hotel panel

The Gojek clone app is based on the original Gojek app which was started with the objective of making hiring bike taxis easier. This is why the Gojek clone app too should allow people to hire taxis on 2 wheels quickly and easily.

Having said this, you will also have to make sure that what you as a service providing application are offering is much more than what anyone else in the market is willing to provide. This is where the Hotel Panel comes into picture.

What is the hotel panel?

A hotel panel is a separate panel that is dedicatedly operated by the staff of a hotel exclusively for its own guests.

How does it work?

If a hotel guest needs to make a booking for a bike taxi, hey will simply have to inform the hotel reception or staff. They will make a manual booking for the guest from right there.

Why would the hotel do that?

You will offer the hotel a commission for keeping your app there or making your service available to the guests, thereby earning more money for you.

Can the hotel book these taxis for someone else as well or only hotel guests?

The pickup location for anyone using the hotel panel will remain as the Hotel itself. Therefore the hotel will make these bookings only for guests who want to go from the hotel to some place. This will ensure that you do not have to pay the hotel each and every time.

Kiosk Application

Kiosk application

This is a unique way for people without the application to make a booking for a bike taxi whenever they want to.

How does the Kiosk application work?

This is where a separate unit is kept at popular destinations where people usually travel from. However, in this method, the user can directly make a booking manually from these units.

How will you earn from it?

Just the way you would earn from the app otherwise! The kiosk works exactly like it would if a customer had the app in their handsets with 2 major differences:

  1. It won’t ask the user to register or log in. booking can be made as a guest.
  2. It will not allow the user to set any pick up point apart from where the Kiosk is.

Just like in the hotel panel, this app will require that the pickup point is definitely the Kiosk’s location.

Increasing visibility, Increasing Business

You have to make your brand visible and accessible. There’s no point of advertising and branding when the user can’t get their hands on the app. There’s also not much use of an application that no one even knows about.

So, make sure that you keep both these points as priority and ensure that more and more people can use your services and thereby help you make more money with your Gojek Clone application.