Taxi booking app clone

If you have been up and about in Paris, you know that people are always on the move here. In fact, the French are very hardworking people. They are always doing one thing and another and movement is a big part of their existence Considering this, it automatically becomes important for people to commute using cabs. With apps like Uber having entered the market, it is definitely very easy for the people to find rides and go around everywhere.
However, with newer players in the market like the G7 Taxi booking app, the level of competition amongst the people to has gone higher.

This is why if you have been planning to start your own app based taxi business in this area, you must make sure that you don’t get pulled in the rut of other taxi apps and emerge as something more unique and refreshing.

The right procedure


This is the most critical step to start your business. Research is something people tend to ignore and end up paying a very high price for it in the end. Being completely prepared for any kind of a new venture is exactly what will give you the kind of easy and efficiency needed to make your business reliable and efficient.

There is a simple step by step flow with which you can make sure that you have all the bases covered. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you experience the app as a user. The people who are paying you are the Users. So you have to make sure that you see where the user is enjoying the app and where they are disappoint.

So, download all your competitor’s apps and then start taking rides in them. Download the G7 Taxi booking app and take a ride in it. Keep taking a ride in it till you are well versed with the flow. Parallely take rides using other apps as well.

Once you have taken about a 100 trips, you will now have to make a list of all the pros and cons of using such an application. What are the things that you like? What were the features that made it difficult for you to take the ride? Jot them down and when you get your own G7 Taxi clone make sure that you include these features in it. This will in turn ascertain that you give your users a seamless experience in taxi booking.


When you start considering your own application for commercial purpose there are two ways to go about it. You can build your app by hiring a team of developers and then have them build it right from scratch for you.

Or alternately, you can buy G7 Taxi booking app clone and get started right away. All you need to do is get a white labeled solution for your business where you get your name and logo put on the app and it is launched under your brand name. If you learn how to proceed in this business, there is no way that you will miss a step or be unsuccessful.