ride sharing application

The concept of Ride hailing and Ride sharing is something that is taking the world by a storm these days. Almost everywhere that you go you will find people hailing a taxi for one purpose or the other. This is why it is absolutely necessary for you to be careful when you launch your own Ride Hailing app like MULA.

If you have been thinking on these lines, then, chances are that you have already explored MULA as an app thoroughly. But do you know which features are the most important for your business?

Well, let us take a look: features of MULA Clone App

Search for the nearest Driver

This is probably the most essential feature of any ride sharing application. When you look for a ride, you want the driver that is closest to you to be able to reach you because you don’t want to waste time.  It goes the same for the divers as well because they want to spend the least amount of fuel before their actual chargeable ride begins.

Now when you have your own app you have to make sure that this is a feature that you definitely have in your application. But there are other algorithms too that you can try! For example, you can make sure that there are 3 basic ways in which request are sent out to the drivers:

The nearest driver gets the request first. In case he declines the request, the next driver (in terms of distance) gets the request. This goes on till the time that a driver accepts a request for the ride.

Fastest Finger First: In this method, the request for the ride is sent out to all the drivers within a particular range of radius from the point where the request is generated. Whoever accepts the request first gets the job.

FIFO: This method translates to: ”First in First out”. This algorithm is usually used in places like the Airport etc. This is where a driver who has been waiting for the longest receives the request first. It is the right of waiting that is given weight here.

Getting Fare Estimates

One of the biggest reasons why cab hailing or ride sharing has become popular these days is because it shows s the fare estimate of the trip before the ride begins. This completely eliminates all the issues with respect to doubts regarding the price. There is no bargaining involved and people are very clear about what they want right from the start.

The biggest hesitation when it comes to people trying to bargain is a big nuisance. Sometimes some drivers try to ask for obscene amounts of money for short trips. And on other occasions Riders are completely unreasonable and don’t pay the right amount. With pre trip fare estimate calculation, it works seamlessly for both, the Rider as well as the Driver.

Getting your own MULA App Clone

The MULA App is a wonderful Ride Sharing platform and if you really want your own MULA Clone App. You should look for a reputable company that offers these solutions to you. A quick search on the internet will reveal quite a few companies that make such apps. Go for the one which has reliable client testimonials so that you know how others have fared while working with them.