gojek clone app

Running out of memory on your phone? You don’t need to download different apps for different on-demand services. Gojek app clone replace all the applications providing limited services. All the on-demand services including babysitting, car rental, beautician, car washing, alcohol delivery, etc are available on this app. You can have all of them packed in one single app.

Gojek clone app features all kinds of services

Taxi ride/Moto ride – Let your customers book a taxi from anywhere. A person owning a two-wheeler can also register on this app and can provide transportation service.

Food delivery – You can help your customers order the food of their choice from their favorite restaurants at home. Anyone owning a vehicle can register on this app.

Grocery delivery – This feature enables the customers to get groceries delivered at home. A driver in your vicinity will get the groceries from the store and have it delivered for you.

Electrician – Electricians can register on the app and help your customers fix the wires that have come loose.

Ice cream delivery – Your customers can fulfil their cravings by ordering an ice-cream from the app.

Marijuana delivery – Customers can get weed after placing an order through the app.

Dog Walking – If your customers are running a schedule, they can hire someone to take their dogs out for a walk.

Tutor – This feature enables students to have a qualified tutor help them with studies.

Maids – People hardly get time to keep the place spick and span. Now, they can hire a maid and get the work done.

Catering – You can provide catering services to your customers for their events and parties.

Spa – Let your customers get rid of all the stress and pamper themselves with a relieving spa session.

Beauty Salons – It will help all the women finding it difficult to spare time to get the nails done. They can have them done at home.

It helps uneducated people find employment

Gojek clone app gives uneducated people an opportunity to make money.Anyone who doesn’t havea degree or qualification can join such kinds of app and earn money by providing services to the users. Baby-sitting, dog walking, home cleaning are some kind of services that don’t demand any sort of expertise. If you own a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you can make a living by delivering groceries, fruits, vegetables, food, alcohol, wine, or ice cream.

Is it an ideal business?

This gojek clone app is a boon for those who are looking to invest in mobile application based business. Every time a customer takes a service through this app, you get a massive commission. With so many features in this app, you can make a lot of money.

Your customers can choose any service from all the above services once they register on the app. There’s an option that enables your customers to hide an unwanted feature. Later, in future, they can unhide it without any extra charges.

An entrepreneur is allowed to modify the above services. It’s not necessary to buy all of them. You can buy the features that you want in your Gojek clone app.