taxi app solution

The Gojek Clone has already made a lot of ripples in the business world because of its high profitability and returns on investment. This is probably because it consists of so many services in its kitty, that it is impossible for you to not make money on it. Check Gojek clone feature.

How does the Gojek clone app work?

The operation of the app is pretty simple. It works in a very easy and systematic way to ensure that everyone is in a win-win situation.

Service Provider

The Service provider needs to download the app and register into it. After this, they will be able to make a profile for themselves. This profile will have all the information about the service provider. It will also have details regarding the services that they can offer and the various qualifications and documents they need in order to have these services.

Once this is done, they can simply get “online” for the service they want to offer and start receiving job requests. They can accept or decline these requests based on their availability. Once they provide the service, the app automatically generates an invoice and sends it to their emails as well as stores it in their app history.


The user too will need to download the app and register into it. After this they will create a profile with all the details with respect to their name, age, address, credit card information and so on and so forth. Once this is done, they will be able to simply open the app and access all the 60 services that the app provides.

They need to request whatever service they need and the application will automatically generate a request and send it to the service providers. Once the service provider accepts the said request, the User will be notified of the same. They service provider can then come to the requested place and deliver their services, post which an invoice will be shared with the User.


The admin basically runs the app. They can see who all are making bookings, what is the portfolio of the drivers and other service providers, approve/reject their profiles based on background checks and so on and so forth.

The admin makes a commission each time a service (any service) is booked using the application. The admin also has the right to decide how much commission they want to charge from the service provider for their service as offering a platform.

“Book for someone else” Gojek clone feature

While the Gojek clone application offers a host of different services, the Taxi part of the app remains to be the most used and the most profitable part. This is why this “book for someone else” is a unique feature that might add on the profits even further.

This feature helps people book a ride for people who do not have the application in their handset. Basically, when someone books this ride for someone else, the app will ask for their phone number and name. The app will automatically then pas on the driver details as well as the link to trace the driver through an SMS.