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I have come across many articles on the internet, in the papers, on social media pages whereby there is information. About how Uber is taking over the taxi business and that is the reason many cab companies across the world are suffering. However, I have good news for all these struggling cab companies. Many companies have designed tracking apps just like Uber android clone. The Uber iPhone App Script is one such app that has been designing by V3CUBE.

uber android clone

Why the Uber Android Clone is the Solution for All Cab Companies

If you are wondering how that is possible, then let me put your mind to rest. Believe me; these apps are absolutely like Uber, with improved features. The best part of this is that they cost a fraction of what it would actually cost you to design such an app from scratch.

These apps are designed in such a way that once you make the decision to buy Uber Android Clone there is no looking back. The setup, configuration, and installation on your server is done free of charge and you are ready to start operating within 48 hours.

It has all the features of Uber; include the tracking feature, which has made Uber unique and popular. People like the idea of seeing where their ride is whilst they are waiting for it so once you get such an app installed there is no reason why your dwindling taxi business will not pick up.

The app can be customized in your chosen language, enabling you to launch it from anywhere in the world. The currency can be customized according to the area where you launch it.

The app allows the riders to choose the vehicle and driver of their choice – just like Uber.

V3CUBE will also customize it to your specifications like if you want any extra unique features added and will even brand it in your name.

Making your business popular

The first step to making a business successful is to ensure that your application is of the highest quality. The moment you decide to start a business or set a business off ground, you have to ensure that you get an application which has all the great features important for the users.

Now that you have made the purchase, your next step is to put it off the ground. Getting the application is setting it off the ground. Once you buy the application, you then get into setting your logo, your brand name, launching it under your name and making sure that more and more people know about it.

When any kind of application is set afoot for business, establishing a brand around it is of critical significance. Unless you do that, people would prefer to use someone else’s application. To build your brand, you must first ensure that more and more people know about it.

To do this there are two ways that you must focus on:

Local Branding

Local branding and marketing play a vital role when it comes to establishing your business identity in the market. You can use local media, hoarding, newspaper etc. to make sure that your potential customers know that you are offering such services.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization which is popularly known as SEO is a global scale activity. It is a fast, efficient and simple way to make sure that your brand becomes popular in its domain quickly and that too without any effort.

SEO practices basically help in ranking over the internet. It is your online identity. If you can make your presence known online with the relevant keywords, the moment someone searches for your application, they will find it.

The higher you rank, the better is your credibility.  So, make sure that you hire a good team of SEO experts to give your business a very big boost. Become aware, that there will be a lot of competition when it comes to the taxi market. You will have to make sure that you are the one that people find when they get searching.

Features that you must have

There are lots of features that make a taxi application uber android clone the best possible application in the market. However, there are a few features that you absolutely MUST HAVE when it comes to having the best Taxi Application. They are:

    • GPS navigation
    • Internal Text Chat between Driver and Rider
    • Internal Calling Facility between Driver and Rider
    • Call masking to protect the personal phone number of the driver and the Rider
        • Feature to change the rates per vehicle and per city (localization)
  • Ability to add/delete/modify different types of vehicles such as sedan, hatchback, truck, motorbike, etc.

On the whole, these features are the most important features that can make or break your business. You can also consider adding a few special and unique features such as making female drivers available for female Riders or enable disable accessibility and more.

Buy Uber Android Clone and Pick your Business Up

The Uber concept is becoming so popular that it is about time all these taxi firms that are struggling need to take a reality check and see where they headed. There is no reason to close shop and admit defeat when you can make a small investment and get an app that is similar to Uber and help pick up your business.

When you launch this uber android clone, there will every reason for people living in the local vicinity to start using your services because your rides are going to be cheaper than Uber taxis. Not only that, you will get many people who will want to drive for you and they will spread the word for you, free of charge.

The app fully automated whereby no one has to do anything. No quibbling over prices and everyone is happy.

Stop fretting about how your taxi booking app business is going to go under very soon and do something positive about it. Buy Uber android clone and bring your business back on track.Save


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