Buy Hitchhiking Script and Get Better Way of Ride

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There are many instances when drivers have picked up hitchhikers and later on, they start asking for money for the ride. This can create an embarrassing situation for the hitchhiker, especially if he is travelling on a budget. The worst-case scenario may be that you are dropped off in the middle of the road, or … Read more

Carpooling Script – A Tool of Happiness

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In the age of internet and mobile applications, our daily lives have become a lot easier with different services offered by new companies. Traveling from one place to another was difficult earlier but now with the availability of new mobile applications. It has become a lot easier to commute without facing any difficulty. Anyone living … Read more

Taxi Firms can Invest in Tracking Apps and Beat Uber Android App Clone

GrabTaxi Or Uber

I have come across many articles on the internet, in the papers, on social media pages whereby there is information. About how Uber is taking over the taxi business and that is the reason many cab companies across the world are suffering. However, I have good news for all these struggling cab companies. Many companies … Read more