buy hitchhiking script

There are many instances when drivers have picked up hitchhikers and later on, they start asking for money for the ride. This can create an embarrassing situation for the hitchhiker, especially if he is travelling on a budget. The worst-case scenario may be that you are dropped off in the middle of the road, or maybe even robbed or your backpack was taken. If you happen to be a female hitchhiker, then you never know what is in store for you if the driver decides to have his way with you. Enough about the horrors of buy hitch hiking script. What I have painted above is one of the worst-case scenarios.

buy hitchhiking script

Is Hitch Hiking Risky?

To be very honest, everything we do in our day to day life is actually very risky. That does not stop us living or doing what we want to do. The same applies to hitchhiking. In the olden days, hitchhiking was for tramps, students living on a shoestring or people who had little or no means of income. However, today hitchhiking has become a trendy and budgeted way of traveling. People are not limiting their mode of transportation to public transport like buses and trains but are trusting fellow human beings and hitching a ride with them.

An Adventure Maybe?

Hitchhiking is a brilliant and cost-effective way of traveling and making new friends. You meet people from various different backgrounds, which you would not in your normal life. You have interesting discussions, are invited to parties, people’s homes and even develop friendships

Stay Safe with Hitch Hiking Clone

With the world going digital, gone are the days when you had to stand in the middle of the road, come rain or shine, thumbing for a ride from a total stranger. Many people have decided to purchase hitchhiking clone app and make a nice little living from it. This concept will also make your Buy hitchhiking script experience safe and comfortable.

How does the Hitch Hiking Clone Work?

Riders who are travelling to a certain destination and have empty seats in their vehicles advertise this fact for a price, on the site. Hitchhikers, looking to go to the same destination or a destination en route can request to go along. If both parties agree, then the ride is confirmed and a pickup point is agreed.

As the app allows interaction between the two parties, they can both suss each other out before agreeing and confirming the ride. Remember the driver worried about travelling with a total stranger too.

Payment has done automatically so there are no embarrassments later after the ride for either party.

Buy a Hitch Hiking Script and Make the Experience Safe for All

Buy hitch hiker clone, you are creating a unique share economy platform. Mutually beneficial to the driver and the hitchhiker, this concept brings in some fruitful returns for you too. For every ride booked through your site, you get a set commission. A very lucrative venture with no sweat involved.

There are many countries in the world where hitchhiking holidays are a must for tourists. Launch your concept in one of these countries like New Zealand or Australia and watch your coffers fill in no time.


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