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I remember my days from college, there was not much liberty. However, with no contemporary modern technology, the education system is more liberal and organized. The universities today have many courses, tutorials and workshops running under one roof and have people of different age groups attending them at specific times and for specific time durations, like morning classes and evening workshops or only afternoon workshops or only morning classes, etc. Hence, numerous pupils and faculty members are commuting to college at various intervals. Thus, the University ride sharing script can provide a safe, organized, cost-effective and convenient mode of travel to all its users.

university ride sharing script

Who benefits from the university ride sharing script?

University carpooling clone is the smart and trendy way to commute to universities today. It facilitates pupils and faculty members’ safe, easy and convenient way to commute, saves them time and money and provides them with an opportunity to meet new people, share a ride on holidays and weekends.

As an entrepreneur, you can Buy University Ride Sharing Script for the college or the college could invest in the university ride sharing script.

It reduces a lot of traffic and parking space for the college.

Enables the university or management to provide a time and cost-effective mode of travel to its students with budget constraints.

It fosters strong community bonding.

University ride sharing script is compatible with, shuttle, cars, and bike-sharing programs.

How does the ride-sharing script work?

However, the operation process is very simple and safe and it is strictly for the use of specific university pupils only. Therefore, the pupils can register with their university ID card on the system.

Hence, they are with a unique university email address for verification and safety measures. Thus have full access measures and to have full access to the system. Hence, the site is secure in a way to ensure strict use of pupil and staff registered on the system.


Creating a profile with your registered college ID connects you to the secured network of college ride-sharing venture. You can use the system as a passenger looking for a ride to and from college or as a rider.

university carpooling clone


Log on to the network, as a rider make a request or select your ride with the pickup point and destination.

Hence, the students can enjoy a safe and convenient option to travel without any hassles of waiting for public transport.

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