Waterpooling Clone – Expanded Concept for Fisherman

Waterpooling Clone

Fishing is a recreational activity that many people, especially men like to indulge in. The early morning rises, and the endless sitting waiting for that perfect catch is not everyone’s cup of tea. The very passionate will run the full mile to fulfill their passion.  It is also an activity that like-minded people enjoy. Some … Read more

Uber Android App Clone – Women Drivers for Female Feel Secure

Ride Sharing App

Every day you hear or read about female molestation and harassment, if not locally then somewhere in the world. It is even more horrendous when the female in question is a teenager. Women all over the world are vary of travelling on their own and the scared of getting in a taxi. What happens when … Read more

Buy University Ride Sharing Script for Sharing a Ride

ride sharing clone

I remember my days from college, there was not much liberty. However, with no contemporary modern technology, the education system is more liberal and organized. The universities today have many courses, tutorials and workshops running under one roof and have people of different age groups attending them at specific times and for specific time durations, … Read more