Waterpooling Clone

Fishing is a recreational activity that many people, especially men like to indulge in. The early morning rises, and the endless sitting waiting for that perfect catch is not everyone’s cup of tea. The very passionate will run the full mile to fulfill their passion.  It is also an activity that like-minded people enjoy. Some fishermen also have their own boats but have no one to share their fishing experience with. However, this rare species is very hard to come by. This is the reason why a waterpooling clone is a handy site to check out other anglers, who would be willing to go fishing with you.

Waterpooling Clone

My brother in law loves to fish but he has no company. Yes, he has the passion and the basic equipment like the fishing line, tackle, and baits, etc. People like him need to get other fishermen who indulge in a similar passion.

The Waterproofing Clone is a site whereby people who have boats and want to share their sails with you rather than go alone. A site whereby if want sail and looking for the boat owner who is offering to share his boat with you.

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All fishermen who are going to fish and have space in their boats that they can offer to other passionate sailors will list their boat on the site. They will list the date, time and the area where they will set sail, how many anglers they can take and the cost of each available space.  Fishermen, like my brother in law, can decide if they want to tag along on one of these and confirm accordingly. If both in agreement, then it is Ahoy! we go fishing!

All the fishermen and set sail together one fine Sunday morning and fish to their heart’s content. If they fancy they can savor their catches on the shore by simply roasting or barbecuing their catch. One very satisfied and contented fishing expedition where all the fishermen are happy.

If you don’t like fishing but the idea of getting these fishermen together, then you can buy a boat sharing script. When you buy boat sharing script, you open up the world of sailing for all people who love the wind blowing through their hair but do not have a boat of their own. For doing this, you also benefit from the arrangement by getting a commission from every passenger boat owner takes on board.

Why Boatpooling is the Way Forward

  • Boat pooling allows all the sailors to enjoy the sailing experience without investing in one.
  • Gets like-minded people together to enjoy a common interest, maybe like fishing
  • A very budget-friendly hobby a sailor who likes indulging in one of the water beauties once in a while
  • Be a boat owner without actually owning one
  • We are living in a share economy world, where sharing is the buzzword. Everything from food to cars is being shared, so why not boats?