Its time to find out all there is to Taxi's & Sharing Rides, because, the best relationships are forged on a happy journey!
Have a look at our research articles related to Uber for X - On-demand Service App's that will assist you in building a successful business.

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Its time to find out all there is to Taxi's & Sharing Rides, because, the best relationships are forged on a happy journey!
Have a look at our research articles related to Uber for X - On-demand Service App's that will assist you in building a successful business.

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Taking your car for a wash is a mission on its own. First you have to queue for hours before your turn and then the waiting till the car washer works his magic in an effort to make your car look like it has just been driven out of the showroom. The time is not the only thing that is bothering you – despite all that waiting you still end up paying a pretty good sum for the service.


Many car washers as well as budding entrepreneurs have realized that there is money to be made when you offer a car washing service at the car owner’s convenience.  That concept introduced by Uber has become a favorite for many service providers, and car washing is one of them.  By investing in the Uber App For Car Wash, many entrepreneurs are providing a service that is preferred by their clients. The introduction of this concept in their business will also attract new clientele, thereby increasing their earning potential.


bigstock--141070118For car owners who want to get their car washed whilst they go about their business, this app is perfect for you. If you want to shop or visit the hairdresser, you can get your car washed whilst you do your shopping or get your hair styled – two jobs at the same time. All you need to do is request the service on the app, give details of your car, its location and the date and time of the service. Once you have completed all the details, you will see the details of all the car washers in the vicinity. You can check out their services, ratings and reviews and decide who will get the pleasure of washing your car. You make the choice by tapping on that particular car washer.

The car washer who has got your business will come and wash your car at the designated time and place and once complete, will indicate on the app accordingly. Payment will automatically be deducted from your credit/debit card once the job is indicated as complete. You will also receive an invoice for the same.

You come out to a newly washed car after your shopping or your hairdressing appointment – No hassle of timing, payment or waiting – you got two jobs done at the same time. Isn’t it just wonderful? If you are happy with the service, or not satisfied if the case may be, you can rate and review their service. As easy as that.


Any entrepreneur can launch this app – without investing in an actual car washing service. For every car washed, waxed, shampooed, or spa’ed you get a hefty commission – that too without lifting a finger. An easy way to make easy money. The perfect venture for any entrepreneur who likes working with cars.


The subsequent launch of the Uber clone after the global success of Uber has given birth to an industry that has never been seen or heard before. The on-demand service industry. In fact, since early last year, this industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and looks like it is on a boom to date, with new on demand apps being launched for various services. Entrepreneurs are making full use of this concept and technology for various niches in the service industry. One of the popular ones is the taxi booking business.


This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves. Looking at it from an economic and futuristic point of view, the answer to this question is “no”. Building an app from scratch costs a lot of money, not to forget the amount of time taken to develop it. If you were to get an app build from scratch with just the basic features it would cost you quite a lot of money, money in the region of five figured dollars, give or take a few. However if you were to get an Uber Clone then the cost would be reduced by almost 75%. Today there are many development companies who are in business of developing clones. It is better to approach one of these and see what they have for you or what they can do for you. These app clones are as good as the original if not better. Remember a new app will have a few hiccups whilst the clone will be clean – all these hiccups will have been addressed at the time of development.


All taxi booking app scripts come with the following basic features:

  • Two separate apps, one for the driver and the other for the passenger
  • Easy registration
  • GPS feature, allowing the users to view pickup point and destination
  • Accept a ride
  • An estimated fare for the ride
  • History of rides
  • Dual payment methods along with an inbuilt wallet
  • Chat facility for both drivers and customers
  • A unique admin dashboard that will manage the whole system – from registration to the end of the ride and subsequent payment
  • Both drivers and passengers have the facility to rate and review each other
  • The admin also manages the drivers and/or companies

The above are just a few of the basic features that you would normally get in the app. However your clone script will definitely have a lot many features needed for that ultimate taxi ride.


One of the most popular uber clone apps in the market today is the Uber taxi clone developed by V3CUBE Techno labs LLP. Check out their website Their comprehensive website tells you exactly what they do, their wide portfolio and a working demo of the uber clone as well as the features available on their app.


When venturing into the taxi business, it is better to get a quality app that will not only make your life easy but will be applauded by all the users for the ease and professionalism it provides. Shop around and make sure you get the best value for money. Get what you paid for.


The world has started moving very fast. I remember in my day there was nothing like mobile phones and computers when we were in school. We got paper report forms, written homework and I grew up in an era when even having a landline was a luxury. Today, I look at my children, aged ten and six, and see them do things on WhatsApp and other apps that I do not even know, even though I am a regular WhatsApp user.  Their education is also very advanced compared to what I studied when I was their age. This shows us how far and fast the world has moved. Mobile phones are now a necessity and schools send you information via apps.

Nowadays we want fast service that is convenient for us. Speaking of convenience one area that is moving in leaps and bounds is the On-Demand Courier Service. It is becoming very popular amongst users as it delivers at the convenience of the user and at a rate that is easy on the pocket. Let us look at some of the reasons why this service is one, which users swear by.


Normal courier companies like to take a day off during the week. However, an ideal on demand courier service is available for you at all times of the day and night, seven days of the week, 365 days a year. Christmas or Easter have no effect on your delivery – your courier will be sent on the day and time you want it to be delivered. Whether it is fresh food or medication that needs to be delivered on the “day” it will be done.


With the on demand courier service with Uber, you do not have to worry if you have an urgent delivery. That can be done easily as can those deliveries that need to be delivered at a preset date in the future. Whatever your delivery needs is, now or later, we will fulfill them with the same urgency. Now there is no need to panic if you need an urgent delivery done.


How many times has it been that you are expecting a delivery and you either keep on checking on the internet or you keep on calling requesting the status of the package? The most frustrating bit is when your website tracker says “Dispatched for delivery” at 10:00 am, it is now 6 p.m., and there is no sign of your package.  When you use the on demand courier service for your deliveries, all you need to do is just tap on the app and you will be able to “see” the exact location of your package and know when it will arrive at your doorstep.

  1. ON THE GO

The on demand courier service with Uber allows you to send deliveries on the go. You need not go to the courier office to send the package. All you need is a smartphone and the app and away you go.


In this on demand world, the Uber delivery app clone is the ideal investment for any entrepreneur who wants to get into the business of delivering parcels. What’s more, you need not invest in vehicles or vans to send your couriers as your registered couriers will use their own vehicles. Set up your business in just two days and start delivering parcels to customers and money into your bank account.

The Uber Clone – A Class Apart

Many brands have become household names. Names like Gucci, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Burberry are recognized globally. Another name is proudly taking its place amongst this list of prestigious brands, the Uber taxi hire app clone.

In fact, my 80-year-old aunt probably does not know any of the other brands mentioned above but she does know Uber. The reason being that she uses it to travel all over the place.

I consider commuting from one place to another one of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks. I dread commuting day in day out to work and I am sure many others do too. The expenses of owning a car are ludicrous and more and more people are looking for cost effective ways of commuting like using the services of Uber, the on demand taxi. The necessity of these people has become a lucrative business source for others. Capitalizing on the concept of supply and demand, companies and start-ups have replicated this concept.  Using the services of a good developer, they have invested in the Uber taxi hire app clone application so that they can also venture into the business of transporting people on demand and thus make huge profits alongside.

Things to note

It is very important to understand that Uber is actually a two app product – a driver app and a passenger app. They are the two main users of this app. The driver uses it to keep track of all the requests sent to him, confirm bookings and eventually drive the passenger to their destination. The rider is the moneymaking person for both the driver and the owner. He selects the cab service, pays for the same and after the ride, rates it too. Therefore, the design of the application is based on numerous things, the main being codes, design and scripts.

The Mobile App clone features

  • Both the driver and rider can register easily. The key components of any mobile clone app or Uber Taxi Hire App Script are the east signing up procedures for both the drivers and the riders. Notification alerts are sent to each frequently.
  • Management of the app – If the app interface is difficult or inconvenient, it ceases to work or becomes successful. It is therefore important to ensure that the designed app has a separate application interface for the driver as well as the rider, making it more convenient to use.
  • Google integration- The key aspect of any mobile service app is the integrated Google maps and navigation control.
  • Payments- The most difficult feature is the 100% transparent and reliable service integration by which the payment of the ride can be deducted easily upon the Application Program Interface with the invoice being sent to the customer, with a copy being sent to the driver too.
  • Calculation of the price – One of the other key features is to ensure that the calculated prices are genuine and not faulty.
  • Search options and sharing rides – Features like searching for drivers, or searching a location easily or ride sharing as and when required are additional features that are required.

Although developing an app like Uber may look like a daunting and complicated task for people who do not know coding or app design, for companies like V3CUBE, it is a child’s play. They very easily replicate this application and deploy it into the business world. The uber taxi hire app script is an app that can open huge doors for profit making opportunities in the ever demanding and growing business of the taxis.


These days more and more businesses are adapting to a new way of working by utilizing a new way of operating where products and/or services are delivered at the click of a button, more like a tap on the app. This phenomenal technology is commanded by the Uber like app for on demand, also known as Uber for X.

As the awareness of the sharing economy spreads globally, many startups have started looking to encash on the already successful and white-hot market created by Uber. These startups are adapting to this new technology using on demand Uber for X.


This wonderful model uses the concept of connecting service providers to customers. These service providers provide the service at a much smaller budget, as they have no expenses or overheads.

The app model has been very successful and different sectors of the service industry are today cloning it. The On-Demand Uber for X, just like Uber, has gained instant popularity as the public welcome this smart and modern technology into their lives. It has become a very fast favourite for businesses, thanks to its scalable model and easy customization features.

In today’s cutthroat business world, you can bet that any business you think of launching today has just been launched yesterday. To remain on top of the game, it is, therefore, important that when you launch such a popular app, you need to ensure that you can incorporate customized applications with the requested functionalities in the app itself, thus making it a Minimum Viable Product or MPV.  With just enough features to satisfy normal clients, the complete set of required features can be designed and developed depending on what the client really wants out of his Uber like app for on demand.

Using the right technology partner like V3CUBE can help build an application and customize it accordingly to the specific business requirements of each client by ensuring the delivery of both the web and mobile application in the very first instance.


Uber For X

Uber for X is so much more than an application that needs offline support and operations for that perfect synchronized operation that the app is so famous for. Both technology and service need to be accomplished successfully to grow and scale up together.

Some of the popular Uber for X startups include:

  1. Uber for Dog walking
  2. Uber for Hotel Rooms
  3. Uber for Beauty Services
  4. Uber for Home Cleaning
  5. Uber for Car Repairs
  6. Uber for Babysitting
  7. Uber for Pizza Delivery
  8. Uber for Vet
  9. Uber for Dog Sitters
  10. Uber for Massage
  11. Uber for Doctor
  12. Uber for Courier Deliveries
  13. Uber for Tutors
  14. Uber for Dry Cleaning/Laundry
  15. Uber for Mobile Repairs
  16. Uber for Removals
  17. Uber for Lawnmowing
  18. Uber for Restaurant Home Delivery
  19. Uber for Wine delivery
  20. Uber for Home Maintenance
  21. Uber for Home Decoration
  22. Uber for Home Deliveries
  23. Uber for Dog Walking
  24. Uber for Private Jets
  25. Uber for marijuana
  26. Uber for Language Tuition
  27. Uber for locksmiths

Many businesses are today using the uncountable innovations for their startups, using this technology.

Online dating – the new and smart way of linking up

I remember the days when people who listed their personal details on a matchmaking site were considered desperate. Not only that, people frowned on the whole online dating scenario saying it was for losers, and that it was like put up an advertisement on the paper that spelled “I am available” and that it was not safe.

Not anymore, though. These days when people talk about matchmaking, they ask if your profile is listed online.  Today, online dating is a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. The popularity has grown so fast, thanks to people meeting online and successful stories emerging from these meets.


The Internet has been useful for things like shopping, buying tickets for movies or opera, ordering meals, entertainment, and work. Dating is just another list of services that the internet can and is providing.  Online dating is cheap and you have full control of where you want the relationship going without putting yourself under pressure.  If you do not like someone, it is just easy to click a button for the same – causing no embarrassment to either party.

Social media has not been left behind in this matchmaking venture. It has provided a platform for people to communicate with each other comfortably. What you cannot say to them personally, can easily be said behind this safe and secure platform.


Millions of dollars are spent by online dating agencies. Such was the success of online dating that we have moved one step further and entered into the concept of on-demand dating, thanks to Uber app clone for dating.

The Uber Dating App Clone facilitates the linking of people at anytime, anywhere, on the go. If you are travelling to work and fancy checking someone out, just log onto the app and search. You may just find someone who is also looking for someone while commuting.

With Uber app clone for dating, users have total control of how they want to progress the relationship on their terms without feeling guilty or obligated.

Many relationships have just started from online or WhatsApp chats before progressing to a quick cup of coffee. You do not have to worry about first-time nerves or be conscious because before that first meeting you actually have to know each other and are therefore ready to meet and maybe take your relationship to the next level.

These apps are designed in such a way that they facilitate people from all sectors of the community, both male, and female. Therefore, even if you are a struggling single mum, there is every chance that a dad in a similar position is looking for you.

If nothing, comes out of it, so what? Chalk it down to experience. Maybe you have made a lifelong friend. Do not worry about where the relationship is going – just have fun and let it takes its course!

The one unique advantage of online dating is that you can “date” have multiple dates, which would not have been possible if you were to meet personally. You can start an online relationship with more than one person to check out who is more compatible with you and better suited to your needs and the best candidate wins the date.

Why it is good to have a personal trainer on demand

The story of my life – I want to get fit so I join the local gym where I pay a fortune for the annual membership because it is “cheaper” than the monthly rate.  I then start going religiously, for the first week, and then maybe twice or thrice a week and eventually stop going at all. What started as a “cheap” venture actually costs me a fortune – one that I have just thrown away. I do that every year and in the process waste thousands of pounds.

Not anymore, thanks to the Uber for fitness coach. With the Uber app for a fitness coach, I have discovered a new way of going to the gym – I get the gym to come to me when I feel like exercising.

Below I discuss several reasons why having an Uber for fitness coach on demand is the best way to a fitter body.


The main reason I could not commit to the gym as I was hoping was mainly due to lack of time and motivation. Living in a city like London meant long working hours and any free time I got, I spent it drinking away in the pub because that was the only way I could unwind.


However, when I started using the on-demand fitness coach, I actually ended up doing a lot of workouts every month compared to what I had been doing in the previous years. I just called one up when I had an hour to spare and was in the mood for a workout. The best bit was that I did not have to get out of my joggers.



Another thing that really demotivated me from going to the gym was an embarrassment. I was very conscious that I did not have the most flattering figure.  Admittedly, I was not the only one with a wobbly belly but I was very self-conscious about it. By having a fitness coach coming to my home for a workout made me less self-conscious and I actually benefitted from every session we had. I could actually see the pounds melting away with time.



Apart from the fact that having a fitness coach helped in disciplining me, deep inside me there was that awesome feeling that my friends thought of me as coming from an elite class, simply because I talked about my personal training sessions. The truth was far from it but I was not going tell them that. Getting a fitness coach using Uber app for fitness coach was actually very cost effective compared to the rates I paid at the gym. Not only that, you could not get a personal trainer at the gym and if you wanted one, then you had to pay a fortune.


The three reasons given above are enough for anyone to get in touch with an on-demand fitness coach instructor for a svelte figure and a healthy body.  The good thing about this session is sometimes you can team up with a friend or a group and have personal training sessions en-galore. One more reason to get an on-demand fitness coach – a healthy social experience!

Be a Party Animal with Uber App for Drink and Drive

Parties are always fun and you never want them to get over as that is the only time when you have friends around and you are in a jolly mood full of life. No matter how hard we try to start the party early, with the intentions to wind it early, it never works. The atmosphere, the merry making and the raunchy jokes at the party is the reason for always being late. Then comes the panic button in the picture and questions starts revolving around like “How I would go home? I am not in a state to drive? Can somebody drop me?”

How can the on demand app for drink and drive Help You?

Making the most of the winter season and the party atmosphere getting hot with the Christmas coming near, party animals will be seen everywhere. Lots of parties, lots of late nights and lots of Uber night drives at your service. How can you take advantage?

  • If you are well over your permissible limit then just tap your phone and your ride is on your way.
  • You can track your drive via live tracking system, if you are in a state to track.
  • No need to pay as the payment is automated via credit/debit card.
  • In spite of being under full influence your vehicle is in control and you reach home safe.
  • No obligatory request from friends and colleagues, asking them to drop you home.

How can you help others using Uber app for drink and drive

If you are not on the drinking side then this is the best time to start your own business. As long as you are in a position to find drivers with licenses and their fully insured road worthy car, your On-Demand App for Drink and Drive is in business. There is no requirement when it comes to driving experience. Every driver gets a rating, and app follows this rating closely, like every other cab startup out there.

V3Cube is not reinventing the concept but is trying to solve a real problem at both ends. The Uber app clone works both ways may it be as a business or as a client. The system is well equipped to cater the needs of one person to the other.

Drink & Drive App

You can buy your own Uber App Script and start the business of helping people in need.


During this festive or any party season, entrepreneurs can capitalize on the demand for cabs. Since the income is generated from every ride that is booked from your site, you will get innumerable custom from all these partygoers. Remember you are providing a service that they desperately require!

The other way you can make money is by surging the rates during this period. Most parties start at around 7pm and go on late until the wee hours of the morning. By up surging the fare during those hours you can actually mint a fortune.

Think of how much you can actually make on a single night? Do not forget, these parties will go for the whole month of December and probably into mid January. The amount you will earn will be enough to fill your coffers for the year!

Stop calculating and start earning by making that decision to buy uber iphone apps clone. The countdown to Christmas has already started. Surely, you do not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime.




Start Fishing The Sharing Way

Fishing is a recreational activity that many people, especially men like to indulge in. The early morning rises, and the endless sitting waiting for that perfect catch is not everyone’s cup of tea and only the very passionate will run the full mile to fulfill their passion.  It is also an activity that like-minded people enjoy. My brother in law loves to fish but he has no company. Yes, he has the passion and the basic equipment like the fishing line, tackle and bait etc.  People like him need to get other fishermen who indulge in a similar passion. Some fishermen also have their own boats but have no one to share their fishing experience with. However, this rare species is very hard to come by and that is why a waterpooling clone is a handy site to check out other anglers, who would be willing to go fishing with you.

The Waterpooling Clone is a site whereby people who have boats and want to share their sails with you rather than go alone. It is also a site whereby if want to sail and looking for a boat owner who is offering to share his boat with you.

All fishermen who are going to fish and have space in their boats that they can offer to other passionate sailors will list their boat on the site. They will list the date, time and the area where they will set sail, how many anglers they can take and the cost of each available space.  Fishermen, like my brother in law can decide if they want to tag along on one of these and confirm accordingly. If both in agreement, then it is Ahoy! we go fishing!

All the fishermen and set sail together one fine Sunday morning and fish to their hearts content. If they fancy they can savour their catches on the shore by simply roasting or barbecuing their catch. One very satisfied and contented fishing expedition where all the fishermen are happy.

If you don’t like fishing but like the idea of getting these fishermen together, then you can buy boat sharing script. When you buy boat sharing script, you open up the world of sailing for all people who love the wind blowing through their hair but do not have a boat of their own. For doing this, you also benefit from this arrangement by getting a commission from every passenger a boat owner takes on board.


  • Boat pooling allows all the sailors to enjoy the sailing experience without investing in one.
  • Gets like minded people together to enjoy a common interest, maybe like fishing
  • A very budget friendly hobby for a sailor who likes indulging in one of these water beauties once in a while
  • Be a boat owner without actually owning one
  • We are living in a share economy world, where sharing is the buzzword. Everything from food to cars is being shared, so why not boats?


Every day you hear or read about female molestation and harassment, if not locally then somewhere in the world. It is even more horrendous when the female in question is a teenager. Women all over the world are vary of travelling on their own and scared of getting in a taxi if they are on their own. They are more comfortable in groups.

What happens when a woman has to travel alone for whatever reason? On the other hand, your teenage daughter wants to go out on the tiles. She will have to come home in a taxi, where most of the times the driver is a male.

To solve this international problem, I think we women need to get together and uberise our world so that our daughters and we can travel safely.


My idea is along the lines of having an on-demand taxi whereby it is run by females only, from the owner to the driver and of course the passengers. There is a huge demand for such taxis all over the world but there are very few “female only” taxis.

If you ask around, there will be a lot of women who will own up to the fact that they are uncomfortable sending their daughters out at night or even themselves are reluctant to go out and party. By having a “female only” taxi service, you also open a whole world of opportunities to women who are mothers, homemakers and not working.


There are many women with spare time on their hands when their children are at school. These women would happily jump at the chance of being able to earn a bob or two in their spare time whilst still running their household.

The beauty of working as a driver is that these women can decide what hours they want to work, and also decide whether they want to work on a particular day or not. If for example, they are busy on a certain day or maybe ill and cannot work, they can log off from the app and become “unavailable”.

Uber Clone Script

Any female entrepreneur venturing into such a business by making that decision to Buy Uber Android App Script will ensure that her drivers have passed all the security checks and have the relevant paperwork before being allowed to drive. This is very important because these women drivers will also be in demand to pick up children and it is, therefore, important to ensure that they have passed the necessary security checks.


It goes without saying that the world will feel more secure for women travellers if their driver was a female. Females tend to instil trust that no man can. Women are social creatures and they bond well with other women. I, for one, would not hesitate to let my daughter go out if I knew that a female driver would drive her. Children also feel more secure with women drivers. Women are careful drivers so there is no need to worry about careless driving. All in all, women are responsible and they would not take any unnecessary risks to put either themselves or you in jeopardy.

If you do not drive and still want to be part of the female Uber revolution, all you need to do is actually start it, just by investing in the app. Once you have set up everything, you can sit back and think about the wonderful service you are providing to the fairer sex and their children. Don’t forget that you get paid for it too, by way of a commission for every passenger who books a ride through your app. So what so you say? Is the Uber Android App Clone for women by women ideal for you or not?