Bodyguards On Demand App

In ancient times, there was no need to have a security of any sort, whether for personal, valuable or establishments like homes and business premises. Simply because people did not possess much, they lived simple lives and their meager belongings were not that valuable. However, as time passed, people who were once hunters and gatherers became educated, and from that knowledge came the need to make lives more comfortable and even luxurious. One such app that launched for these very reasons Cube Security, uber for bodyguards designed by V3CUBE.

Therefore the need to secure these belongings emerged. Now we live in times that everything needs to be guarded, including our own selves, as even our own lives and that of our children in danger. Every day you hear of children getting kidnapped or going missing.

Bodyguards On Demand App

Security became a necessity and it has evolved to such as extent that we are today talking about on-demand security – the requirement of security at short notice at the touch of a button. To facilitate this requirement, developers have launched various apps whereby you can request security at short notice or even at a future date and time.

It is very similar to the uber for bodyguards and the Bannerman App clone.

How Cube Security Works

These days people like the idea using their smartphones for everything and that’s  why this app is ideal for everyone. Users can select the type of security guard they want i.e. bodyguard, bouncer, patrolman etc depending on their individual needs.  Once they select their requirement, they will input details of when they require the services. Available bodyguards will appear on the screen. Users can check their credentials and qualifications. The available security guards will also receive a notification of the job and if its suits them, they will take the job by confirming on the app. The client will get a notification and the details of the security guard that will be delivering the services.

The security guard will turn up at the client’s venue at the pre- set time and do his duty. Once he completes it, he will indicate the same on the app. His payment  released automatically once he does that.

What benefit does the Uber for Security Guards give the app owners?

Cube Security has been specifically designed for security companies who want to change their way of working or rather want to embrace the smart way of working by using digital technology. Such clones, along with the Bannerman app clone, have also become popular for business tycoons and people who are looking to make a quick buck whilst providing security.

For every successful job booked and delivered, the app owner stands to make a nice commission. These tiny bits of commission soon add to quite a bit that it soon amounts to millions.

This app is not only for individual entrepreneurs and security guard companies. But also for companies and individuals who wish to sell it as white labelled solution to their end clients.

Invest in the uber for bodyguards app today and secure peoples’ lives and properties whilst securing your financial future.