gojek clone app development

The Gojek Clone app is an on demand mobile app that facilitates the purchase and sale of services. The app acts as a platform or a digital marketplace where the service provider can sells their services.

The Users can simply get on the platform and look for a service provider by selecting the service in question out of the 70 or more services that are available on the platform. On selecting the particular service, the user will be able to see a list of all the available service providers who are willing to offer that particular service in the region that you have generated the request from. 

The users will also be able to see the price, the ratings and reviews that the service providers have gotten from their previous customers, their experience and their expertise all before they actually hire the service provider. This ensures that the users are always aware of who they are hiring and aren’t faced with any unwanted surprises. 

Building the Gojek Clone app in nigeria 

The Gojek Clone app is a massive one. Think of it as one giant umbrella app within which 70 smaller but completely functional app exist. In spite of the fact that each of the service within the Gojek Clone app can be accessed with just a single log in or a single download. Each of these services are in fact a unique app in itself which has been fused within the larger umbrella to make it easier for the users as well as the service providers. 

Now, when you consider an app so large, you naturally have to take into account a huge development team which will be responsible for building the app. An app of this complexity easily requires 10 to 12 different resources such as:

  1. Web Developer
  2. App Developer
    1. Android app developer
    2. iOS app developer
  3. Designer
    1. Web Designer
    2. App designer
  4. Writer
    1. Blog and promotional medium writers
    2. Web content Writers
    3. App writers
  5. Analysts
    1. Research
    2. Business
    3. Quality
  6. Project Manager

Other important factors to consider when building your own Gojek Clone apps is to connect with the app development company. Partner with an app development that has state of the art infrastructure so that a team of experts can use the right technology stack in order to prepare a utility practical on demand multi service Gojek Clone app in Nigeria. 

All of this becomes a very expensive and time consuming affair. Thus, building an app of this size can cost you in hundreds of thousands of dollars and take up to 2 years for actual market launch. 

Getting your own readymade app

For people who do not wish to wait for so long or invest as much money in their Gojek Clone app, there is always the option of purchasing a ready made clone. It is available in the market because it is pre built by a reputed on demand mobile app development company for sale towards entrepreneurs looking for it. 

Ever since the Gojek Clone Script blew up in terms of popularity. More and more people started turning towards it as their solution for on demand mobile based multi services, many mobile app development teams from all over the world have started building their own versions of this app. 

Now comes the big question. 


This brings us to the topic of the blog: what are the qualities that you must look for in your mobile app development company that is responsible for building your Gojek Clone App to suit your business needs in nigeria . To find out, check out part 2 of this post!