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The On-Demand Business can be found in numerous forms. It can be food delivery, taxi booking, handyman services, etc. Therefore, starting an On-Demand Delivery Service is one of those booming areas where the returns are guaranteed.

Therefore, this is the best time to start Food Delivery App like iDeliver. And do you know why? We help you with the stats facts here;

  • The cumulative revenue for food delivery applications shot up to $22073 million during the pandemic
  • By the year 2023, the revenue stream is predicted to spike by $31413 million

If you are an optimistic food entrepreneur and thinking to develop an app like Postmates, you need to know Postmates business model and simple steps to build a brilliant app.

However, some start-ups and entrepreneurs are yet to know what exactly is On-Demand Delivery App?

What Is On-Demand Delivery App?

As we all live in a digital world with smartphones in our hands 24/7, there is a 100% possibility that you have used an on-demand delivery app at least once. Booking a hotel, ordering food, and ridesharing – all these are on-demand services.  

So, App for delivery is an app that allows you to order any service and provide it to you only on demand. Everything is that simple. One tap — and you order whatever you need. 

Let us figure out what benefits a delivery service app can bring to your business.

Why On-Demand Delivery Apps Like iDeliver is So Much In Demand?

Covid-19 had been ruthless with people. Every person has downloaded their on-demand shopping app as the governments have restricted the outside movements. 

So, what are the reasons why on-demand delivery apps like iDeliver are considered to be the need of the hour: 

1. COVID19 is a transmissible virus and anyone can catch it if the person comes with close contact. In this panic situation, people hesitate to go out to get their essential items and services.

2. Even though stores and restaurants have opened with less capacity and social distancing in place, people are looking for doorstep services.

3. Due to on and off lockdowns, people are panic buying. Furthermore, the supermarket shelves are running out of stock, thus there is an increase in demand for getting orders from the delivery app. 

4. On-Demand Delivery Apps can be easily accessible and offers multiple deliveries to choose from.

5. Thus, the app allows the customers to shop and order all the daily essential items ranging from Groceries, Medicine, Food, Water-bottle, stationery, Flowers & Gifts, etc. offering single delivery to multiple from different or single stores. Hence, customers enjoys the doorstep deliveries as per their drop-off preferences.

The trend is expected to grow continuously. Thus, People are finding it convenient and comfortable to shop using On-Demand Delivery App.

Problems That iDeliver Clone App Eliminates

Covid-19 has shaken the economies of countries across the globe. Many businesses have permanently shut down and half of them are struggling. 

The problems that can be eliminated by transforming your traditional business using On-Demand Delivery App 

  1. Reduces the expenses on the administrative costs
  2. Inventories can be managed easily
  3. Automates the business operations
  4. Provides revenue stability
  5. Offers employment and decent earning opportunities to the local communities – delivery driver, independent service providers, etc. 

New Features To Integrate Into Your iDeliver Clone App

Loaded with versatile and essential our new features include:

  • Store wise commission
  • Item name searching
  • Daywise separate time-slots
  • Restaurants to uploads their kitchen pictures 
  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers
  • 18+ Age confirmation
  • Order cancellation option for delivery drivers
  • Graphical status of order in-app notification

Apart from this, there are other essential features like Contactless delivery, Face mask verifications, Multi-language/Currencies, Multi Payment facilities, In-app chat/call support, Push-notification, White-labeled licensed source-code, etc. Thus, our designed app can provide you with a great opportunity for growing your business without any pandemic fear. 

How Long Does It Take To Develop An App Like iDeliver?

iDeliver Clone App is a ready-made solution that an App Development Company can easily meet requirements. However, there is no set time since every app requirement is a different event though one has to develop a look-alike app. So, for instance – one client wants to develop On-Demand Delivery App only on Android and another client wants to develop the same application on both the OS platforms. However, it is natural to take more time for the application developed on both platforms.

Furthermore, the development time varies depending on the features of the app and its design. Thus, the best way to know an estimated time is to consult your app development team. 

What Is The Cost Of the iDeliver Clone App?

The price of your app like iDeliver depends on several factors:

  • OS platforms
  • Technology stack
  • Customized features
  • Integration of additional services (market research, design solutions, etc.)
  • The geographical location of the app development company

Hire A Reputed App Development Company That Gives The Best

Hiring an outsourcing company is the most efficient way to build your on-demand delivery app. However, if you are looking to keep your costs at a minimum and get things done to a strict timeline it is the best option. 

Outsource to an App Development Company like V3Cube that not only focuses only on being progressive but also believes in serving the environment and communities. Furthermore, the company has been doing its bit towards Corporate Social Responsibility. 

V3Cube App Development Company recently performed CSR for Jivdaya Charitable Trust donating Digital X-ray device. This donation had a simple but powerful mission – to change the trajectory of countless lives in our community.

To build a futuristic technology that translates our client’s technology and business objectives is what the app development company should be all about. Helping clients to design, develop, and launch beautiful & scalable Clone App solutions.