gojek clone business model

Nadiem Makarim from Indonesia made history by launching Gojek App in the year 2010. The rest is history. 

Gojek App started with the fleet of vehicles that used to offer On-Demand rides to the users. Gradually, the app added good delivery and courier services. Now it accommodates a wide range of On-Demand deliveries and services to the people under a single application.

Gojek Clone Business Model

To understand how Gojek Clone App works, you need to understand the business model first.

The registration process is the first step and that’s where your customer builds the impression of your Gojek Clone App. Make it minimal and quick. Like filling up the registration form with name, phone number, email id, and address. Allow them to log in through social media ids.

The home screen is what the user is redirected after their registration process. Additionally, the screen comprises the list of services that the Gojek Clone App is offering. However, make sure that these services are neatly organized and easy to understand. Go for sub-categories so that the users can find the delivery services easily and can start ordering.

Offering them quick and easy booking options. Hence, too many options and confusing navigation will leave them your app. The app should allow them to quickly buy and add items to the cart. So, they can easily make the payment and get the delivery scheduled.

For the taxi ride business, the drivers in the nearby locations are notified. The taxi driver will reach the designated place for the pickup and drop off the users.

The in-app payment gateways enable users to pay for their purchases in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, the Gojek Clone App displays the estimated fare/cost that has to be paid for availing of the services. 

Also, the users are asked to rate the review offering insightful feedback for the ride and services availed. Thus helping them will help in maintaining the integrity and quality of the apps.

How Does Gojek Clone App Works

  • The customers will be required to register and log in to use Gojek Clone App
  • Enter your location to browse the service providers in your locations
  • The screen page will take the user to the service page showcasing different tabs for Taxi ride requests, On-Demand Delivery, and Services.
  • Choose the service and enter the details. If it is a taxi ride, feed in the pickup and drop-off details. For the On-demand deliveries and services, it gives you the stores/service providers in your location.
  • Search for the delivery services/service providers. Add items to the cart, schedule the services 
  • Confirm the booking and make the payment
  • The store owner/service provider confirms the order and start processing it
  • The delivery driver will confirm the order pick up and send notifications
  • Track the orders on a real-time basis
  • Get delivery at the doorstep
  • Offer feedback and ratings

Gojek Clone Revenue Model

Gojek Clone has over 70 On-demand Apps that enable the business owner to generate an impressive turnover every year.

Following are the revenue strategies that you can implement to keep your profits growing:

Commission from Businesses

Since it is a multi-service app there will several service providers, store owners, and restaurants signing up with Gojek like app. So that their business gets limelight and increases customers, boosting sales. Thus for every confirmed order/ride you can charge a commission. You can set different commissions under “Store Wise Commission”. Thus increase or reduce the commission charges depending on the service demands. 

gojek clone app

Commission from the Consumers 

Gojek eliminates the trouble of going from one app to another app. Every service is present on Gojek Clone. The app can charge a minimal fee on every order confirmed. Hence, you can earn by offering a Subscription to your customers that will provide premium services.

Commission from Drivers 

Delivery partners or individual delivery drivers that signups with Gojek Clone have to pay a basic commission for every order they deliver.

Thus, considering the earnings they will be making from this platform taking a small commission fee will be a decent bargain.

In Conclusion

Building a Gojek Clone App will be always a successful business.

The market is full of these kinds of apps, making the competition stiff.

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