The objective of starting Uber was to ensure that the people could find taxis when they needed them easily and for local drivers to find business quickly and effectively. However, there are so many reasons owing to which Uber is getting a globally bad reputation. Uber is ban in few countries in Europe, but does Greece ban Uber?

Greece ban Uber

A regional and Global scenario in Greece

Athens has always been a city busy with lots of taxis. Its iconic yellow Mercedes is the symbol of traveling in style in Athens. Although it probably doesn’t match the New York taxis. Most taxi companies are locally hire aren’t too expensive at all. It’ll probably take only about 5 Euros to ride across the center of the city. Since most taxi companies are local and they add to the national enterprise, it is definitely going to be a challenge for Uber to be a part of such a business here.

The biggest reason for a regional protest against Uber is that it is not a home brand. It is international company which was started in the US. The issue is that according to taxi companies, Uber is taking away a chance at a livelihood for the local companies. That definitely doesn’t seem to be a very easy thing to manage. The sad thing about this is that many Uber drivers are getting a lot of heat from other local taxi drivers. In fact, certain arrests were made where Uber Drivers were not found with the right paperwork.

When the Wheel is reinvented

Let’s be honest. What Uber did had never been done before. Creating an app based taxi service was not only unique it was unbelievable. For a very long time, people were reluctant to use the services of Uber because they were unsure of what to expect. The Traditional way of calling a cab is when you actually physically see the cab, speak to the driver and confirm the fare for the ride.  However, with the Uber app, things changed drastically.

One has to admit that the previous model of taxi booking was not only archaic; it was inconvenient and complacent, to say the least. Since there was a monopoly by the drivers, their service was often not up to the mark. Uber really did bring a fresh wave of change and energy into the market.

Local Apps to beat Uber as Greece ban Uber

Even though the technology of Uber was superior, the intrinsic attrition was owing to its international status. This is probably the biggest reason why many local taxi apps are instead of Uber as Greece ban uber that creates issues in transportation. A beat is one such app. It connects the taxi drivers with the riders so that they can find rides easily. The model is pretty much the same as that of Uber. It started as a local startup but was soon bought by a German company; however, people still love it!

Starting Your Own Local Taxi Business

If you are a local taxi company in Greece, it would be best for you to digitize your presence through an app so that you can also allow your customers to book a taxi easily from their smartphones. This process isn’t even difficult. There are various taxi apps available in the market today. Purchase a ready-made application that works on the model of Uber. If you conduct a generic search on the internet, you will find many companies that offer taxi apps.

How you can launch your own app?

After Greece ban Uber, many of starting a plan to launch their own business like Uber in Greece. If you have made up your mind to start your own business with an Uber clone application, there are two ways you can go about it. You can either make your own application or buy an Uber clone app from the market. The best way is probably to buy an Uber clone.

If your app is absolutely unique and unlike anything else in the market, then you can consider building your own app by hiring your own team of developers. However, you have to be ready that the app can be very expensive to build. It will also take a lot of time to prepare something from scratch without any blueprint to work on.

But no matter what path you choose, just make sure you have conducted your research and testing thoroughly so that no one else can find a fault with your application. Before you roll it out in the market or before even spending any money on it, make sure that you have paid adequate attention to the performance of the app.

White Labeled application

You will have to look at the apps and conduct a full test in real time to see what he can do. There are many nitty gritty that you have to take care of when you buy an app. Ensure that it is white labeled so that you can launch it under your brand name. Other important things include checking which technology it is built on, what is its scalability, whether you can take the source code along with the app etc. The source code is an important detail because that is the only you will be able to modify the app when you want to in the future.