Helpr Clone

While the CoronaVirus vaccine might look like it has curbed the pandemic but, we have still a long way to go. We still will be wearing masks, social distancing is on, and likewise work from home culture is here to stay. So, for the working moms, juggling the work and kids and home is a hassle. Zero productivity in work and messed up the house, and kids tagging along having Helpr clone app can be a blessing.

Meant For Daycare/Babysitting/ Childcare/After school

Post-COVID the demand for childcare has increased. Working mom needs an extra pair of hands and that when Helpr Clone App bridges the gap.

On-Demand Helpr Clone App is an easy-to-use childcare app that brings modern technologies to families seeking childcare facilities. Our modern technology Childcare app is aimed to improve and facilitate the lives of the working parent.

Why Should You Invest In Helpr Clone App?

The app offers daycare/babysitters/ individuals childcare professionals that help create an atmosphere for kids and families that is more relaxed involved than a daycare.

Post-Covid the schools and daycare are almost closed. For some re-opening, the parents are hesitating in sending their kids. Thus,  with the Helpr Clone App Parents do not have to worry about sending their kids to daycare.

The On-demand Childcare App like Helpr gives the child a reliable sitter that only focuses on them. The app with an easy and quick signup process enables to request for the sitter in as little as three hours.

Furthermore, the Helpr Clone App has neatly categorized the sitters ranging from daycare, only babysitting, tutors, after-school help, and so on. The parents can search based on the quotes, ratings, location, their finesse of handling kids to get the best suitable option.

Thus, it is the right time to launch Helpr Clone App. With childcare demand increasing, and no parents willing to send their kids to school, this on demand babysitter app seems to be a blessing for getting quick help with the kids.

When Parents Can Avail Childcare Help From The App Like Helpr?

Often parents have a question, “How to balance an active kid with work and home? It seems that the answer is simple because they just need to hire a helper.

First of all, parents need to decide which type of babysitter or helper they will like to leave their children with and why they need it?

To fulfill the childcare gaps

With schools and daycare still closed, parents especially working parents need someone reliable and safe childcare professional to take care of their kids. The Helpr Clone App is helping to fill the gap. The professionals that are listed with the app are thoroughly checked with background verified. Thus, they are trusted nannies, babysitters, after-school helpers, childcare professionals that parents with peace of mind can choose.

When you are sick

Yes, whether it’s you who is sick or your child. You need that extra pair of hands to give heads-up to the day. Having a helper means a lot, she will take care of your baby when you do not feel like getting up. Helping through some of your chores, hiring a helper can lessen up your burden at large.


They won’t reduce your workload but can help you deal with it so that you can focus and complete it on time. Work delays, over-time, travel, conferences, zoom meetings, and so on now can be less stressful with Helpr Clone App.

Enjoy Your Me Time

You want to hit the gym, hang out with friends, need social breaks, have a party, or just want to sit lazily with a cup of coffee. Few swaps on the Helpr Clone App and you are sorted. You need not worry about feeling guilty that of not getting time for yourself. The childcare app provides you with ample options to choose and that’s all. The helper will be at the doorstep at the right time.

Customize The Helpr Clone App Features To Fit Your Needs

If you have decided to create an app like Helpr, the following is the list of features that covers your parent’s needs:

  • A feature like Helper/ Babysitters near me is a must. This allows the parents to quickly find suitable childcare givers located nearby by showing them under the list.
  • Deatiled information about babysitter features that give a glimpse of their work, ratings, reviews, certification, along with their photo.
  • Multiple payment methods allow the parents to pay conveniently. This way it is comfortable to make the payment, also this encourages digital payment that reduces virus transmission.
  • The in-app chat feature helps connect the childcare with the parent and vice-versa. Before hiring, parents always wanted to have the word to make sure that everything looks good.
  • Panic or Emergency tab feature informs parents if something has happened.
  • Rate and Reviews features help other parents to figure out about hiring a babysitter or not. On the other hand, it will help childcare providers to improve and give better services. The more satisfied parents are, the better the feedback employee will receive, and the more chances she will receive new and more exciting orders.
  • In-app notification offers excellent discounts and deals to the parents so that they can save while placing the new hiring request. Also, when there is a launch of a new app feature, interesting news to share, tips, or more can be notified through this feature.

In Conclusion

Parents love convenience, where they can quickly search and place requests to hire a helper – childcare provider. Helpr Clone Android App can be the best thing to launch to bridge this gap.

Startups having their Helpr like app offering a wide range of childcare services is a brilliant opportunity to boost business.

So, if you are starting an iOS Childcare app like Helpr approach an on-demand app development company. Hire an app development company that has worked on a similar segment. The app development team will provide you with the right guidance. Also, they will provide you with a demo that makes you understand how the app works. Insist on buying an on-demand ready-made white-label Helpr Clone App. Hence, this allows you to customize the features suiting your parents expectations and demands.