KOMAE Clone App – Develop An On-demand Childcare App That Is Instant Hit

babysitting on demand app

Often we overhear the conversation, “don’t want strangers to watch my kids” but isn’t it surprising that they don’t know much about the babysitters then. With both the parents working, the need for hiring a reliable babysitter is rising. If you are wondering about whether the babysitter or nannies will be good? KOMAE Clone App … Read more

Sittr Clone App – Build A Trustworthy App For On Demand Childcare Necessities

on demand childcare app

When parents go to work, they take their children to daycare centers. That was then, a year back before COVID19 hitting globally, and we are talking about the present situation. With schools and daycare centers show no signs of re-opening on the regular basis you are left out with little option – hiring a babysitter. … Read more