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Often we overhear the conversation, “don’t want strangers to watch my kids” but isn’t it surprising that they don’t know much about the babysitters then. With both the parents working, the need for hiring a reliable babysitter is rising. If you are wondering about whether the babysitter or nannies will be good? KOMAE Clone App hires only the verified, with background check babysitters ensuring that the parents and guardians have peace of mind.

Why Build KOMAE Clone App?

The traditional ways of looking at babysitters are no more working. With the pandemic hitting, the ones that you used to hire regularly are not willing to come and some you don’t find reliable. KOMAE Clone app is aim to cater to the woes of the parents. Taking away the hassles of finding a reliable babysitter at an affordable price.

A similar issue is face by the babysitters who had lost their regular job during COVID19. Thus, the KOMAE Clone App helps bridge the gap, enabling them to earn a decent income. The best part about this app is it enables you to trade babysitting with the families/friends/ network that you know.

For the business aiming to venture into an on-demand industry, developing an on-demand childcare app can be a lucrative opportunity. Offering you an abundance of money-making prospects. 

How KOMAE Clone App Works

This on-demand babysitting app is slightly different from the other. Aimed to help moms, working parents, single parents so they can have peace of mind and have a productive day.

The KOMAE Clone App allows you to trade babysitting with the known families in your neighborhood.

  • The user can send the friend request to the trusted connections on the app.
  • The app lets you create the babysit request and choose your people to notify the same
  • The connection will come onboard to babysit free of cost if it is feasible or ignore the request
  • Drop off the kids as per the said schedule
komae clone app

Leverage KOMAE Clone App To Make Your ChildCare Service Profitable 

The babysitting business is a booming one with never seeing a recession to it. Thus, developing an app like KOMAE will be bringing revenue-generating opportunities.

  • The on-demand babysitting app will act as a bridge between the babysitters and the parents offering them an online platform to connect.
  • The parents can have a detailed look at the babysitters using an advanced search filter. The filter can be set in terms of qualification, work history, ratings/feedback, references/testimonials, and hourly rates.   
  • Only verified babysitters are list on board. Thus rest assure that the parents are hiring nothing but the best.
  • The best part is the babysitters can be found location-wise. Thus, the nannies can be arrange in as little as 2 hours.
  • The app can generate a steady rising income by leveraging several revenue models like charging a commission, subscription fees, 3rd party ad banners, selling relevant merchandise, etc.
  • Babysitters can earn a decent income through this app
  • It’s a win-win situation for all 

Another Business Model Mechanism To Try For KOMAE Clone App

  • The parents download the app and registers with the app
  • The quick signup process can be done via social media account/phone number or email id.
  • Once the signup process is done, the app offers a wide range of babysitters, nannies, caregivers, after-school help, help specifically for homework and academics as well as tutors.
  • The parents verify the babysitter checking their availability status, hourly price range, testimonials, and work history
  • Booking the babysitter in few swaps the confirmation is sent to the said babysitter professional.
  • After the job is done, the parent can pay through the app and provide feedback for the same.

In Conclusion

To sum it all, building a KOMAE Clone App is profitable. Also, it is competitive thus to stand ahead in the race you will need to hire an app development company. The app development team comprises skilled professionals who exactly know what’s trending and suggest you with the right technical guidance that makes your app successful. Take the live demo of how the interface and features are working. Since you are buying a white-label app, know that it is 100% customizable to add/modify/remove the features, theme and make changes accordingly.

The team will be there to provide you with the resolution to your queries and doubts. Moreover, you get bug support, technical assistance, and upgradation free of cost for a year. So, what the wait for? Connect with a reliable app development team in India now.