business like taskrabbit

Most of you may be familiar with TaskRabbit as well as their services. For those who are not aware of TaskRabbit, let me tell you. Well, TaskRabbit is a huge home service based marketplace from where any person who requires any service like gardening, repairing etc can contact TaskRabbit through their app. TaskRabbit Business Model directly connects to the service provider according to the service requirement.

This home service giant is growing rapidly, their supplies are getting stronger but the only problem they were facing was fulfillment procedure. But now, they have come up with their new business model that aims to complete the task in 90 minutes. In this new app of TaskRabbit, the 90 minutes of the job will be counted from the request placement till the payment transaction process.

business like taskrabbit

What’s New in this Crafted TaskRabbit Business Model??

The new business model of TaskRabbit clone has many good things that are making customer experience much better than before. Basically, it now available on every mobile platform that was what the request of their users and customers. Since 2011, TaskRabbit has become one of the major home-based service providers and have gained many customers. But, the changes were necessary to make because at the same time Uber was fulfilling their customer’s requirement and this was affecting many other similar firms in the market.

Without wasting much time, TaskRabbit noticed this problem and changed the TaskRabbit Business Model that made them more successful.

Let see their business model changes.

  • Their customer demanded a new mobile platform that should be reliable and more accurate.
  • Nowadays, every business model is working on the real-time platform and the on demand services as well as goods are made available for the people in very less time.
  • The reason for molding TaskRabbit into a whole new real-time platform is because there were many of their customers who most require services instantly.
  • Due to portability, mobile usage has increased drastically. This is why the new business model was necessary to come up in the market.

However, the old TaskRabbit Business Model used to take one to three days to complete the booked task. Some experienced taskers may complete the task on the same day but it was very rare to see that.

Now, with the help of newly made real-time platform their customers are being satisfied with services. As the services provider completes every task in 90 minutes. For every new job, the tasker assigned in just 5 minutes. Isn’t it good?

Is Real-Time Platform Profitable For TaskRabbit?TaskRabbit Business Model

To be very honest, the economy of on demand is everywhere. The concept of an on demand has affected many companies from upside down. Yes! With the real-time platform, the TaskRabbit have achieved major goals. Let’s acknowledge them further.

  • Every now and then, more than 80% of jobs are posted each day and are being accepted in less than 5 minutes. Now you can imagine by yourself through these number.
  • More than 70% of jobs are getting completed in between 60 to 80 minutes. No job crosses the deadline which is good for the company.
  • According to the studies, mobile traffic has increased a lot in comparison with the last couple of years.

As you see, the new business model of TaskRabbit making a lot of profit for their company. If you are too looking further for similar business, consider connecting to a company that can provide you with a TaskRabbit clone script.