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Well, Southeast Asian countries are always popular almost in the sector. They are developing every day and making their economy stronger. As employment is increasing, people are rushing to these countries for getting jobs. Not only employment, but the education level is also touching the heights. From many different countries, the student is arriving for completing their graduation. Southeast Asian countries are always in a rush as there are people from different countries who travel countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and many more every then and now. As these countries are filled with natural beauty, the population remains high throughout the year. But, people do not have their own vehicles to commute. So, the most basic mode of transport in Southeast Asian countries is on-demand taxi service and in these countries, Uber and GrabTaxi are most popular. Check Uber vs GrabTaxi business scenario.

GrabTaxi Or Uber

But in between them, one is better than the other.

Here, we will find out Uber vs GrabTaxi, which on-demand taxi service is better the other. Let’s get started!


Well, the concept maker of on demand taxi service was Uber. The American company Uber was the first who present the whole new concept of booking a taxi through an app. As soon as their business model became popular with their services, they expanded their business in almost every country through the globe. And in Southeast Asia, Uber has already established their business in every country. However, the people there have different experience according to the services and pricing.

Let’s take a look at the goods as well as the bad of Uber in Southeast Asian Countries.

  • Competition

Being the first in the market, Uber is facing a big completion in almost every country of Southeast Asia. Uber is a native firm of US and before the arrival of Uber in Southeast Asia, there were already plenty of taxi services available. For example, if we talk about Singapore or Thailand or even Malaysia, you can easily spot a traditional yellow colored taxi in any city of these countries. Well, this makes it a bit difficult for Uber.

  • Always Online Payment? Nah!

As you know that Uber’s policy is that they accept online payment only via credit card. But in Asia, the majority of people are not having a credit card. Cash payment was accepted in other taxi services but in uber the payment option was online and that too via credit card. It was a huge drawback for uber in Southeast Asia. But now, the uber has announced that soon they will be changing their payment policies and will accept the cash payments. This can be a big advantage for Uber in countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.


GrabTaxi is a Singapore based ride-hailing service providing company that is way much popular in Southeast Asian countries. In Malaysia, it is known by name of MyTeksi. The services are as similar to the old school call to book service. Just click the location in their app, call them to tell your location and them a small booking amount. There you go, your ride is booked. Recently, GrabTaxi came with their new service called GrabCar to give a tough completion to Uber.

Are Grab’s services better than Uber in Southeast Asian countries? Let’s find out!

  • Popularity

Being a home-based firm, GrabTaxi is way much popular in comparison with Uber in many countries in Southeast Asia. The local people of these countries prefer to travel in GrabTaxi rather than Uber or any other ride-hailing company.

uber vs grab taxi
  • More Trustable Driver – Uber vs GrabTaxi

According to the surveys, the drivers of GrabTaxi are more trustable in all the countries of Southeast Asia. The reason is that the GrabTaxi is in the market before the uber came. The drivers of GrabTaxi are more knowledgeable about the routes rather than the uber driver.

Well, there are many points to discuss but as you can read, that GrabTaxi has a stronghold in the market of Southeast Asian countries. Both are great and making revenue every year but due to minor faults, Uber has to face difficulties in making business in Southeast Asia. If you are thinking to start your own taxi business like them, consider doing better market research and then go ahead.


So, you must have heard a lot of people coming in and saying things like “do more research” but what does that really mean? Does it mean you should sit and read a lot about the existing businesses like Uber vs GrabTaxi? Or should you generally conduct market research on the app that you wish to move forthwith?

The truth is, there is no “set pattern” of research. There are a thousand things that you can do to ensure that you know what you are getting into. The biggest aim of conducting proper research is to make sure that you know everything that there is to know about your own steps.

The first and foremost thing to do usually involves experiencing your competitors as a user. Once you get to know how the users feel about these apps, you will be in a better position to prepare your own business strategy.

The next thing to do is to take a live demo of the application that you are planning to buy. So, if you have made up your mind about buying an application, make sure that you test it on road properly for as long as you like and get all the details that you need before you put your money in it.

On the whole of Uber vs GrabTaxi, it isn’t going to be too hard for you to start off if you know exactly what to do and how to do it. Don’t take a leap of faith, study well and then decide how you want to move forth with it.