App Based Taxi Business

Today it is clearly visible that a taxi booking app has become popular across the globe. Every day a new one is launched in some part of the world or other, and more are being launched. All these apps are successful wherever they are operating because they are providing a unique service as well as convenience to commuters.

The on demand taxi industry is worth millions of dollars today. The success has not only been because of the convenience it offers but more so because of the smart mobile technology that has been used as a platform to provide this service – a service “on the go”.

taxi booking app

Mobile applications have made it easy to book a taxi and to pay for the service too. For anyone who is looking to start this successful venture, then it is imperative that you are familiar with the essential features that you definitely cannot do without if you want to be successful in your taxi business.

The taxi booking app is a set of three – the rider app, the driver app, and the admin panel. Let’s look at the features of the two apps in relation to why they are able to provide a super efficient and seamless driving experience.

Features of Taxi Booking App for Riders

  • An easy registration process that makes it easy for users to register on the app and subsequently use it
  • Ride request with just a tap on the app
  • Selection of taxi type depending on the budget and number of riders
  • Easy to identify pick up and drop off points with Google Maps
  • Easy fare calculation
  • Rate comparison facility for different rides
  • Multiple pickup facilities
  • Secure payment gateways
  • An automated payment system that enables users to pay directly via their registered payment cards
  • Invoice is emailed to a rider
  • Check out reviews and ratings for a service provider
  • Facility to give ratings and reviews to the driver
  • Enable in-app chat communication with the driver
  • Real-time tracking system
  • Notification system when a driver reaches pick up point
  • GPS feature to track rider’s current location

Riders can also set up and manage their accounts with the help of the following features.

  • Profile update
  • Account overview
  • Share or choose a location
  • Promotion code
  • Select the type of taxi
  • Contact the driver
  • Request fare quote
  • Share estimated arrival time with friends and/or relatives
  • Facility to change payment mode if more than one mode is available
  • View trip history
  • Facility to cancel a trip
  • Facility to check out their ride history
  • Print and/or download invoices
  • Facility to rate drivers and give feedback

Android and iPhone Driver App Features

For drivers, this app is a means of providing their daily bread and butter. The app has been designed such that it allows drivers to accept rides on their mobile phones.

To become a driver, you need to go through the following process:

  • The driver needs to put in an application to drive with all the relevant paperwork for himself as well as the vehicle that will be used
  • Once the admin approves the request, the driver can now download and install the driver app
  • The app has a facility whereby drivers can set their schedules and start driving.

Features include:

  • Location choice
  • Facility to accept and reject rides

driver and rider app

Drivers can manage their accounts with the following features:

  • View and edit profile
  • Set availability status
  • Accept or reject rides
  • Easy navigation to their destinations
  • Driving history
  • View earning details and other transactions
  • In-app chat facility with users
  • Text alerts and notifications
  • Facility to view ratings, reviews, and feedback from users

How to get cracking?

While there are many applications in the market doing the taxi business with the taxi booking app it is a great idea for you too to invest in it. But sometimes, entrepreneurs might find themselves wondering where to start. If that is the case, then don’t worry. Here’s how you can get cracking on your own mobile application s well.

Conduct thorough research on your competition: The first step is to carry out an in-depth study and analysis of who is your competitor. Once you know your competition, you should spend some time researching their app completely. Try to find out how they carry out their business and how their rider and driver apps work like.

Check out a company that sells white labeled Taxi apps for you: a simple search on the internet will give you a list of all the companies that offer white labeled Taxi app solutions. You will have to take a demo of the application and find out which one is the one that you like and which one you don’t. Bargain and Go right ahead: Get a quotation and if you really like it, then go ahead and try to strike a good bargain. Once you do that you have your app ready and going!

taxi booking app

If you are thinking of investing in this multi-billion dollar industry then you need a taxi booking app that has all the above-listed features for the rider and driver app. The apps should be built in such a way that the codes are scalable for future expansion of your business.

It is therefore important that you discuss all your requirements with a team of reputed developers and designers who have the skills and know how to give you the app that you want – a taxi booking app that will bring you success in your business.