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Taxi-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft. Ola and much more have always been in the news for some issue or the other.  The incidents reported worldwide show how unsafe these taxi-hailing companies have now become. We certainly believe that these companies entered the market and created a lot of other job vacancies for the people. But, what happens when we talk about safety and security from these people? News about molestation and killings of the drivers and the passengers has been over all the year round. That is why the need has now come up with being safe and secure from such incidents. With the thought of improving their security by Uber clone app features.

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One of the incidents occurred at Atlanta when a person returning after watching a football match was reportedly stabbed that was preceded by a fight due to traffic-related matter. There were reports saying that the driver came aggressively towards the victim when he was in the crosswalk.

Another case was reported against the driver as he struck. He killed a motorcyclist in Miami while the person was driving. Yet another cab driver was arrested for molesting a Delhi airport manager while she boarded the cab. Not only are the passengers unsafe but there were incidents of drivers to be unsafe. There is news that comes up about drivers being the robe and then murder when they driving at secluded places. Such cases were registered in Brazil and now in California. Due to such reports, many of the well-known taxi hailing companies had to come up with a method that would keep both the drivers and the passengers safe.

What was the solution? Uber clone app!

With the number of molestation, rape complaints and killings on the rise, many of the Uber clone have now come up with various solutions for the safety of its passengers and drivers. And one such implementation has already done by adding “panic buttons” and that can track the cabs of all time. This is the first ever safety measure that has been introducing in the world today.

When the button press an alert to the local police that sent indicating the rise of an emergency. The taxi uber clone app has come out with a safety feature that will allow the users to share their details. At least five friends and family members will get these location details for help at earliest.

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On Demand Taxi Business Goal

The ultimate goal is to make hailing rides the safest ones in the city as compared to the others. Since this feature has just release, necessary changes are done as per the transparency and accountability of a rider’s experience. A user can now activate panic button with the just single click in an app.

This panic button will not only the riders safe but drivers also safe when they are driving in lonely areas. In case of emergencies like robberies, the drivers can just press this panic button to trigger an alarm to the police and the drivers near them more over the uber clone app features in that.

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On the other side, each of these taxi hailing companies has their own established local “Incident Response Teams” that will be available only to handle and respond to such incidents that have occurred. Incidents against property or a person reported by riders will be handled and notifications will be given to the local police as and when the button is pressed.

The team has also ensured that they would assist some local law enforcement officers to handle such distress situations that have already undergone extensive training programmer by US safety experts and will be available 24×7.

Considering the driver’s safety, these companies have also begun the process of installing these panic buttons on the vehicle’s dashboard. It generates a distress alert when needed.

Starting your own taxi business

When you plan to start your own taxi business you have to make sure that people will only prefer your services over other’s if you ensure that they are safe. Keeping their safety on top should be your ultimate goal. You must make sure that your taxi business is based on an application.

Mobile apps are easy to use and are digitally connect all the time. They will help in tracking, responding and noting all the necessary changes or preventive steps almost instantly. If you have been planning to start your own taxi business, then make sure you don’t leave the application part behind.

Put your heart into the business if you truly want to succeed. Unless you can prioritize the safety and security of your riders as well as your drivers, not too many people will be keen on using your taxi services. No one likes an entrepreneur who is only focus on earning more and more money.

it is important that you look out for the welfare of both drivers and passengers As a taxi business owner. These safety measures are the main reason why drivers sign up and passengers queue up for safer rides. If you want to gain the trust of both drivers and passengers and increase your clientele as well as the number of drivers then it is time to take that extra measure and secure your future, and that of the drivers and passengers too by getting your uber clone app customized such that they have security features.