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It is a known fact that users, both the driver and the passenger of the Uber clone app, could chat and message to each other once the driver accepted and confirmed the booking. However, that was not done automatically via the app – both have to use their personal airtime and chat facility to chat/message to each other. The same applied even when drivers had to make a call to the passenger.

This issue was identified as an unprofessional way of doing things despite the fact that app offered efficiency and best service. Order to make the service even professional developers worked on this problem and we have an in-app communication system.

rider and driver chat system

This facility allows drivers to contact the rider in case of delays, like unexpected road closures or other mishaps or delays that may happen during the ride. Riders can also use the facility to send a chat message to drivers. Example, pickup point landmark or wardrobe description easy identification. This might be small things but all these minute details make a big impact on the overall riding experience.

Among other things

There are many small features that are absolutely important. When it comes to making your app successful and likable among other people. You already know that when any business starts making a lot of money the level of competition goes p significantly.

Everyone wants a piece of that potential. You will find many people buying taxi apps and launching them. So how do you make sure that your app is the one that riders prefer? In order to do this, just make sure that you have all the necessary features in place.

Let us take a look at the important features one by one:


What is a taxi app without a map? Nothing. This is why one of the most important features to have in your application is the integration of a map. Once your app has the map, its navigation can allow the driver to reach the pickup location without having to depend on vague and unclear directions.

Navigation will also help the driver take the rider to the exact drop off point even if they are both unfamiliar with the area or territory. The map will be very clear and exact. It also helps the Rider to see the exact location of where the Driver has reached or where he is exactly located.


We all hope that our business becomes successful, but we don’t really know how successful it will get within a stipulated timeline. This is why; you have to make sure that your app is absolutely scalable. It has to be able to cope with your success.

Say for instance, you begin with a fleet of 10 cars. What if the number of drivers that want to register into the application goes up suddenly? How do we handle that? Make sure that your application is versatile enough to handle such changes. It has to be able to grow with your growth.

Source code

The source code of an application is like its DNA. By owning the source code you will be able to make any kind of modification that you need into the app easily and quickly. This is why you have to make sure that the company that you buy your Uber clone from gives you completely ownership of the source code.

If you have the source code, you will be able to make any number of modifications into it as and when you see fit. This will ensure that your application suits your exact business requirement in the future whenever you need it.

Internal Text chat

The text chat is the highlight of this blog. Internal text chat is a small but very important feature in a taxi application. It is a simple and effective way of communication between the rider and the driver which completely eliminates any scope of confusion or misunderstanding.

The driver and rider can communicate with each other, give specific directions to each other and so on and so forth over texts without having to place full calls. This chat facility is there till the ride actually begins.

Let us take an in-depth look at how the internal text chat between the driver and the rider works.

How does this feature work on the uber clone app

He will see a “contact” button under the driver’s name on the pull-up menu at the bottom of the screen.  If the rider clicks on the contact button, he will have access to the chat facility. The rider will now be able to initiate a chat with the driver and vice versa.

This Uber clone chat system between rider and driver eliminates the need for awkward calls. Provides a simple and straightforward way for both parties to decide on the precise location of the pickup point.

The main advantage of this feature is that it allows the rider and the driver to communicate with each other safely. Even in places where text and voice tariff plans are not easily available.

Travelers who do not have a roaming network can now order rides without worrying about excess charges. It is being incurred due to additional phone calls and text messages to communicate with the driver.

With this new feature, neither the driver nor the rider needs to exchange phone numbers.

uber clone

Are you ready to add this feature?

If you are in the online taxi business or thinking of venturing into one, then the time is right to make that decision. You should have this brand new feature integrated into your uber clone app. It will provide you with the extra edge when riders decide which company to use when booking their taxi.